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Lipid Panel Blood Test

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Just had some blood work done and these were my Lipid results, fasted:

Total Cholesterol: 223

Triglycerides: 51

HDL: 101

VLDL, calculated: 10

LDL, calculated: 112

I had a brief case of hypothyroidism that somehow went away after a few months of medication. My doctor still monitors it on a regular basis. TSH is 1.520.

Anyone mind interpreting these results? Doctor isn't concerned with the higher cholesterol levels because of high HDL. LDL also seems high though.

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If I remember from my blood tests last year, LDL should be under 130, unless diabetic or heart disease then its supposed to be under 100. Can't remember about triglycerides sorry.

As for TSH, it's supposed to be between 0.5-3, so 1.52 is exactly inline with that.

Overall, I think (in my non expert opinion) that the results look great.

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LDL looks awesome, but it's calculated, so it's actually probably a little lower than the above. your tris are awesome, docs like them under 150,

your HDL is higher than I've ever seen, which isn't a bad thing, but just interesting.

Looks good!

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