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Tired, bored, fed up with food

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Do you ever feel like you wish you didn't have to eat to survive just so you wouldn't have to worry about what you were going to have at your next meal? Well, that's me. I've felt that way many times even when I wasn't eating cleanly, and I'm feeling that way all over again right now, on day 24 of this Whole30.

It's 2:15pm where I'm at and yet for the entire day all I've had to eat were two eggs for breakfast. I'm hungry, but I have no desire to eat anything because it's always and extra effort just to eat. There's no grab-n-go in the Whole30 world that you can buy in a store and just have it be ready for you, other than a piece of fruit. I make entirely different meals (all three, breakfast, lunch and dinner) for my family most days, so for once I'd just like to not have to think about it so much or work so hard just to feed myself.

I only have 6 days to go. I was seriously considering doing (had even decided on it actually) a Whole45 or more, given the fact that this was relatively easy to do and I'm seeing/feeling great results... but today I'm thinking "not so much".

Sorry for the rant. I didn't get much sleep at all last night and dealing with a 2 year old. I'm just feeling really frustrated today and no one in my world has any idea what it's like (because 95% of the people I know have no clue I'm even doing a Whole30). Just needed to share with someone who knows where I'm coming from... Thanks for listening...

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I feel your pain! I spend most of my kitchen time trying to put together semi-homemade dishes that my 21 month will eat. I don't really want to spend the remainder of my free time doing more cooking. There are a couple of things that have got me this far (I'm on Day 17 today):

Steamed sweet potatos - easy to microwave

Steamer frozen veggie bags - just pop in microwave (watch for noncompliant ingredients)

Avocados - nuff said! :wub:

Roasted chicken - drizzle with olive oil and spices and bake (very little prep time and easy)

Roasted veggies - same as chicken and easy

Frozen tilapia - pop in microwave (see the "easy" theme? lol)

Hope you find these suggestions helpful ... they are not exactly the yummiest <_< , but they get you through tough times when you need to spend your time elsewhere. You can always "dress up" boring meals with homemade sauces. My batch of homemade mayo and homemade ranch dressing has really helped these last 2 weeks.

I do find it helpful to use the "cook up" method, that is cooking a bunch of stuff on one night so you have food for a number of days in a row. Even just doing pan fried burgers or an egg casserole helps provide variety.

Good luck!! Sorry if I repeated a lot of obvious stuff that you already thought of ... sometimes we just need to vent!

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I'm sorry you are feeling this way. Personally I try and plan my meals out a week in advance so I don't have to think about it and then I try to do as much pre-prep work as I can. When you make your meals make extra so you can have leftovers later. Try to make meals that you and your family can eat. It is a lot of work to cook but I feel like it is a worth my time and effort to know I'm feeding my body the best and not just treating it like a garbage can. Hang in there! You can do it!

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