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  1. May I assist in briefly straightening your crown? I was heartened a few years ago when Melissa (co-founder of Whole 30) came out with a blog post backing off the whole "it's not hard" tough-love mantra that so many of us had internalized. "Changing the way you think about food is hard," she says, and I agree. "[Whole 30] is a monumental transformation in how you think about food, your body, your life, and what you want out of the time you have left on this earth." I somehow find it heartening that there are SO many of us who do not have all these principles perfectly dialed in.
  2. I'm glad you're on the path to feeling better!
  3. So glad you are doing this reset. Looks like you're off to a great start! Cheers for that homemade mayo.... wishing you a tasty day 2
  4. It sounds like you've maintained some nice positive habits for these past few months. Excited for your return to W30 — you know how to do this, and how to do it well. Excited in anticipation of all these NSVs waiting for you.