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  1. Pomme

    delete account

    If I were to delete my account, I assume that it would leave all myposts in place? Would it show a "Deleted User" as the author or something?
  2. I used to think of the Whole9 forum as not a fat-positive space (of course not) but at least a place where weight loss was not held up as a wonderful goal in and of itself. This thread has really changed my view. I wouldn't expect those who believe that "It's NOT OK to be fat" would respect the concept of diet-survivor triggers. I'm especially disappointed with the moderators in this case. To be honest, I don't think I can be a part of this community anymore.
  3. blissing and CAK91, I will join you in your tent, the one with no moral judgment on body size. Where we celebrate the pursuit of health rather than the pursuit of weight loss, because the latter has done us way more harm than good over the years. This thread is definitely very triggering, but I take solace that there were people in here already standing up against fat hate. Thank you.
  4. Pomme

    Day 21 and feeling very frustrated

    Wow. This is intense. I just have one question, to satisfy my own curiosity. Why do you have to weigh 145 to get pregnant?
  5. Pomme

    W30 for 10 year old?

    Speaking as someone who was the kid in this situation (with fibromyalgia, not RA) I will echo the Robin's comments. If she is not on board, she will probably do what I did when put on elimination diets -- stash forbidden food and eat it. Which will completely defeat the point as you noted in the post above. It's promising that her older siblings are supportive. Depending on their relationships with her, they could be crucial in convincing her that this experiment is worth a try. Keep in mind that as a sick kid, it really sucks to not only have all the pain and doctors' visits and BS accommpanying AND also have the burden of not getting to eat whatever you want, which is what most kids in the world do. It is not fair at all to be 10 and have chronic pain. She wants to be normal, and eating a special diet isn't "normal." Her older sibs going with it would help make it more normal, though. I know many around here abhor half measures but have you or have you considered switching to gluten-free pasta? Gluten is the main culprit for me in exacerbating myriad symptoms, so just removing that factor alone helped me when I chose to do it as an adult, and my mom always says, "If only I had known back then..." Anyway, best wishes to you and your family.
  6. Bonnynancy makes a great point. The all-or-nothing approach really turns a lot of people off of healthful living, specifically when it comes to diet or exercise. Perfectionism is the enemy of progress in these matters.
  7. Pomme

    Soooo sick of oil/vinegar for salad dressing...

    Mix in mayo or avocado to your dressing to make it creamy!
  8. Pomme

    Crystal Deodorant- Bad news?

    I like to use my friend's body care line, Just the Goods. She makes all kinds of all-natural, non-toxic great stuff, including a roll-on deodorant which I have used.
  9. Pomme


    It's not really a PROBLEM, I was just curious. As per usual, Kirsteen's explanation makes a lot of sense. And on the plus side, I've noticed that plain water is much more appealing to me than it used to be.
  10. It's good practice, though maybe not as part of your line of questioning of your servers AT the restauraunt.
  11. Pomme


    This is not really a problem, but my mom (who is also doing the Whole30) wanted me to ask the question ("run it up the flagpole," were her words). We have both been more thirsty than before. Now, we're not eating any processed foods with hidden salt, nor are we adding tons of salt to our food (we are low-salt cookers, typically adding salt only at the table). So... is this a thing that happens? Is it known what the mechanism is that causes it?
  12. Pomme

    Second Attempt at The Whole Thirty!!

    Welcome! Look at your first Whole14 as a learning experience preparation for your Whole30, which you are clearly equipping yourself well to complete!
  13. Shrimp. Make it with Melissa Joulwan's recipe in Well Fed. Actually, getting her cookbook and using her recipes would be a great starting point, because they are all really well developed and may help you expand your taste tolerance for meat because they're so good! What about tuna and salmon? Also, fillets of tilapia. How about "hiding" ground meat in hash dishes? Or "strata" dishes (where slices of eggplant are like the noodles in lasagna)?
  14. Pomme

    So whats the scoop on tunafish?

    If the tuna contains soy, it's out. On a related topic, though -- mods, what say you about the mercury content of tuna? It's one of those fishes we should eat sparingly due to its place on the food chain. I have been eating more tuna during my W30 than in recent years, though.
  15. Amazing advances have happened in CF, thank science. Glad you're still rollin'.