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  1. Hi, I am also so glad to have found this topic. Since I was 13, I've had horrible cramps, pms, and like a 6 day heavy flow. I have been on BC for the past five or so years, and hardly ever get a period or any symptoms of my period anymore (slightly concerning, but I wasn't going to complain). I was on day 9 of my W30 when I woke up feeling crappy, ravenous, headachy and tired. I had had a massive charley horse the night before (which has never happened to me, and took some ibuprofen, so I thought it might be that). But then (sorry if this is TMI) went to the bathroom and realized I was blee
  2. Are there any brands of veggie burger/veggie nugget type frozen food that are allowed? Or do you have to make your own? Sorry in advance if this is already on a list that I overlooked!