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  1. Can we have deep fried food? Ie: sweet potato fries, or yam chips if they have nothing else on them? I am super done with trying to figure out what I can have to eat. So embarrassed. We are at a restaurant. My husband is upset because there is nothing on the menu that I can eat. Either they don't know what is in their ground beef patty, or what is on the grill they are cooking on. Out of all the places he wanted to stop, I chose this one as the easiest for me to find food. Now I sit here watching him eat, and he has to eat in front of me. This won't happen again. I only want bacon because I can't find it. The same with sausage. He is not happy that I can't eat out with him for 30 days. Plus he will start this in two weeks, so that will be almost two months without eating out. Sorry about the rant, but I want to give up my whole 30 or of embarrassment.
  2. What worries me about this is that I would not have known about those items in the sausage seasoning as they were only listed as "spices". It only happened that the proprietor of the spice store had the recipe for those mixes, and looked it up. How many other things am I eating that don't list sugar in the ingredient list, only "spices". Even when the spice list was broken down into oregano, marjoram, lime juice powder, it still didn't list sugar. It wasn't until he looked up the lime juice powder. That is hidden sugar three layers deep. Kind of like buying something that states mixed vegetables on the label, then getting the list of veggies, then looking up the carrots to find out they have sugar in them. Not sure what to do now:(
  3. I will look for the prosciutto. I have found several smoked sausage links, but I am looking for breakfast sausage. No sugar was listed on the ingredient list. It wasn't until we broke down the spices list and checked the ingredients on each of those things. I will check for the roast beef lunch meat. Thanks
  4. I have been looking for compliant breakfast sausage. Unable to find it, I am now looking for seasonings to make my own. I found two seasoning blends that list ingredients including "spices". The proprietor of the spice shop looked up the spices. One blend had lime powder. The lime powder listed malto dextran. The other one listed vinegar powder. When he looked up the vinegar powder it listed sugar. The packages only listed spices. Are these mixes ok? I keep reading about people eating bacon, or lunch meat. I have been completely unsuccessful at finding any of these things without sugar. Any insight here?
  5. Fantastic! I am not finding myself looking for snacks between meals, so these will not be "red light foods" right now. Super great to find something to eat that I like. Thanks for helping me out. The mayo was great with grilled chicken rubbed with olive oil and sprinkled with cumin and cayenne before the grill.
  6. my wasabi powder has tapioca starch?? Also, I made baked kale chips, cauliflower hummus, and cumin lime mayo (homemade). Are these ok? They were all so good I was worried that they qualified as "sex with your pants on". Thanks for all your help! I am such a newbie...
  7. Sorry if this is repetitive! 1) Malto Dextran- I missed this on the first read, bought the unsweetened organic ketchup. I haven't opened it. 2) wasabi powder-I added it to mayo tonight, then didn't eat it because I wasn't sure. Thanks
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