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  1. CCLaymon

    Starting August 20!

    Andrea! What a day! I can't believe all the challenges you faced and how you handled them. Kudos to you, my friend! @Hope4Overcomers, I've been reading along about your setback/restart. Are you glad you restarted? That would have been my suggestion, but everyone is on their own path here. You'll feel so great when you hit the 30 day mark! @Michele B. my first Whole30 turned into a Whole 105. I was concerned about reintroductions, and when time came, I just didn't want to do it because I was feeling so good. I think it's good to have a strategy around re-introduction, but if you're feeling good and aren't ready don't force it It's been a busy week for me of getting used to being an empty nester. My son is thriving at college, so that make my life so much better! In addition to that, my husband and I have had a commuter marriage for the last 6 years, and we just moved in together for the first time a few weeks ago. Lots of adjustments all around! My husband has done several Whole 30's with me, and agreed to do this one, too. That lasted about half a day, so I'm going it alone. It's helpful that he is grilling/cooking compliant items, but other than that, I'm on my own! When we leave for the cruise next week I'll be on day 21, so the plan will be to keep it going. I'll give them my food restrictions on day 1 and hope they'll be able to meet my requests. My goal for the weekend is to get a walk in everyday, and to start unpacking those boxes from the move. To the U.S. folks, have a restful Labor Day Weekend!
  2. CCLaymon

    Starting August 20!

    Hello friends! I've been out of the mix, but following along all week, and have stayed on plan - today is day 7. This week I spent two days shopping for college with my son, one day packing, one day unpacking/settling in and one day leaving/driving home. It's been a crazy, emotional week. I managed stay on track, even at picnics and eating out. It was challenging at times, but completely possible. (My guide - can I have meat and vegetables? I'll be ok.) Yesterday was the hardest, because I'm an emotional eater. I really wanted to jump into an ice cream sundae because I was so sad to leave him at school. However, he is doing great and loving it, which makes it all easier. I slept a lot last night and even took a much needed nap today. I hope everyone had a good weekend! Week 2 tends to be easier for me, and hope it is for you, too!
  3. CCLaymon

    Starting August 20!

    @LydiaJo thanks for the tip on planning ahead - very smart! @Mandy612 I'm laughing about the wine - it's bound to make a difference! I usually find that I get Tiger blood sometime in week 2 - wait until you get that coursing through you! I purchased the Whole30 Day by Day book today. I like the idea of having an extra shot of motivation each day. My day 2 went well, although I had some snacks cravings in the afternoon. How did everyone else do?
  4. CCLaymon

    Starting August 20!

    Hello Friends! I started yesterday, too. I've done a few successful Whole 30s, but it's been a couple of years. It's always easier when you have a gang to check in with, so I'd like to join you for the month! It will come with some challenges, my only son goes off to college Friday, and my husband and I are going on a cruise in early September. I figured that should be an easy place to eat well, since they will cater to every food need - we'll see! My latest prompting to do another Whole 30 is that I've had poison oak and poison ivy this summer that will not resolve. Whole30 has really helped with other skin conditions in the past, and I'm hoping this will help me kick it. Have a great day 2!