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  1. YESSSS!! I shall zoodle my little heart out today!
  2. A W105 seems so daunting, but you're doing great. 20 days in is no joke! I've loved cheering you on through your journey. Support is huge. I get addicted to this forum sometimes. I love your idea for prepping the zoodles. It's a lot easier to just add them to a dish than to zoodle them, salt them, wait for them to drain, dry them and THEN eat them.
  3. @ShadowInTheKitchen you have to do what is right for you! The W30 community is always here for you!
  4. Right!! All the advertizing screams at us to eat keto, low fat, low carb, sugar free, count macros, exercise, etc etc to "be healthy." And WW is certainly no different - "eat everything you want AS LONG AS you stay within your points," which effectively equates to "restriction." Coming back to W30 where the message is "Eat!" definitely takes some adjustment. One of my friends I'm coaching said, "Are you sure I'm not going to gain a bunch of weight?" Nope! But that is surely another indication of the restriction mindset that is so prevalent. Speaking of sauces ... earlier this week (or la
  5. Yes, absolutely! I was all about W30 a few years back, and like you, I tried a bunch of different things including weight watchers and keto. It was my knowledge of the W30 program, how it is not a weight loss program but a nutritional reset, and a desire to regain control of my relationship with food that drove me straight back to the W30. I'm still paying for WW because I had a 6 month agreement, but I've never felt as in control as I do right now. I'm also coaching a couple of friends through their first round of W30. As I'm coaching them, explaining the rules, explaining the sciency-s
  6. It seems like you're stuck in a spiral that's going to be tricky to get out of. Is there somewhere you could donate the non-compliant foods? A friend, neighbor, family member, etc.? I just sent home a few non-compliant things I had laying around with my son and he is more than happy to eat them. I would love if he would embrace a Whole30 to make himself healthier, but he's not in that space right now so I give him the food instead of wasting it or throwing it out. I'm with you, I hate wasting food, but then again ... the food that makes you feel bad isn't really serving you anyway. Are y
  7. @ShadowInTheKitchen there may not be a compliant dish, but you're on the right track by getting as compliant as possible. I completely understand the all or nothing thinking. Food freedom is all about the best possible choices while still indulging when worth it. I'm cheering for you!
  8. Don't be so hard on yourself! I'm reading a really good book right now called The Hungry Brain. I'm about halfway into it. The basic premise to this point is that we are biologically wired to want the most calorie-dense foods, and when we get our hands on them, we over-consume. This is based on the caveman days when they may not always have access to honey or starchy tubers or fatty meats. When those foods are available, they gorge on them, because there is no telling when they will find the next batch. The problem in today's world is that we are still biologically wired that way, but calorie-
  9. I'm struggling with that same thing. I've been easing into W30 (with today being Day 1) and not having my morning Bucked Up to get me going is super hard. I really like that niacin flush and the boost of energy - and working out without it is HARD. The book says to eat a small amount of protein 15-75 minutes before workout. That hasn't made a difference for me in terms of energy, but because I work out in the morning I think it's necessary so I don't pass out. I think working out on a tummy full of coffee would be uncomfortable (but that's just me). I am just praying that eventually I get use
  10. Well, I'm a few days late to your party but ... I have also done both. For me, I feel more balanced on W30. I LIKE fruit. I LIKE sweet potatoes. I also love how freeing W30 is because you don't have to measure everything to the gram and keep a constant eye on your carb content. I think you're going to do just fine on W30. After all, fighting inflammation is one of the key things we're working on here. If you're having a hard time, you can always limit your fruits and starchy veg - they aren't REQUIRED on W30. Good luck! I can't wait to follow you on your journey! PS - instead of your hea
  11. Pea protein in creamer? That's interesting. And pumpkin spice flavor to boot! Is it as delicious as it sounds and, if so, where on earth did you find such a dreamy concoction?
  12. I am so intrigued. Day 2 tomorrow and I have some uncooked burgers in the fridge.... I might have to try it just out of morbid curiosity! I normally season my burgers with salt, garlic and black pepper - would you season it differently for an Elvis burger??
  13. Um - WhAt?!? I was on here looking for some breakfast ideas and saw the Elvis Burger. That is the strangest sounding thing I have EVER heard of! And really, it's good?? I just can't get my head around it. I enjoy all of the components individually, but ... can someone describe this to me?? I even checked to make sure this wasn't posted on April 1, LOL.
  14. HOLY CRAP I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING!! That's the rule. Hope you're a hungry guy!
  15. I love eggs and eat them almost every single morning. The other day I ran out - gasp! - and only had two so I had to supplement. I used my normal sauteed veggies, the two eggs, and tossed some turkey on top. It was actually incredibly tasty. The only one I can't get behind (yet) is fish at breakfast time. There's so much you can do with eggs. Have you tried switching it up? Poaching, over easy (or medium or hard), scrambled, hard boiled, steamed, omelet, frittata, bake them in a pepper... When I get tired of one method I'll switch to another, swap out my veggies and seasonings, and it's
  16. I am so glad to see this question asked. I started reading It Starts with Food a couple of days ago (can't put it down!) and I remember reading in there that diarrhea and constipation are normal like in week 2 or 3 (or something - can't remember exactly off hand). I haven't quite jumped in to the Whole 30 yet (wanted to finish the book first and I'm almost there), but I realized in reading it that I've been darn near a Whole30 for about two weeks, and I've been full paleo for over a month (no grains, legumes, etc - biggest offender was added sweetener). Literally the only things I've used in t