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  1. I've been eating Raisin Bran Crunch for breakfast most days. Why? It's easy. I need to find some "easy" breakfast things that don't require pulling out the skillet and cutting boards. Lunch today was solid - Aidell's sausage, spaghetti squash, Newman's Own pasta sauce and grapes. Anxiety has been kinda overwhelming today. Not overwhelming, exactly, but ever present. Anxiety has a tendency to drive my snacking. I did my first outdoor run in a really long time yesterday. I did 4 miles "wogging" (half walking, half jogging) and finished in just under an hour. That's not fast, bu
  2. Okay, Day 2 in my Quest for Physical Fitness... I woke up around 4am and my stomach was GROWLING. I was borderline hangry. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't. I'm certain it's because I didn't eat enough yesterday. I got up and ate some Raisin Bran Crunch with almond milk, watched an episode of Criminal Minds and eventually fell back asleep. It was crazy hard to get up when the alarm went off and I snoozed for almost 2 hours. Finally, 10 minutes before work started, I dragged myself out of bed and made some coffee. Even though I wasn't hungry, I made breakfast first thing.
  3. Oh my gosh, I know, right??? I had to toss out some veggies yesterday that I hadn't eaten up because I was doing reintro. UGH that was painful! You're doing awesome! Great Day 1! And just think, if you're getting the early on side effects out of the way now, maybe you'll get that Tiger's Blood early on, too. I went through the same thing - I eased in, and then I got some of the yucky side effects on the first day. Great NSVs with the inflammation, too.
  4. Thank you! I like that it's measurable so I know when I get there.
  5. So ... I started tracking my post-W30 log over in that thread, but then I was like, I miss the little group I've connected with over here. So - I'm back. My goal at this point is to shed some fat and get in shape so I can pass the physical test to apply to police departments. The requirements are: 15" vertical jump 25 sit-ups in 1 minute 16 push-ups without stopping (no time constraint) 1.5 mile run in 15:37 or less I'm not stressed about the jump, sit-ups or push-ups. The run kills me. I have asthma and I've never been a great runner, but I have to make this happen. 15:
  6. Tracking Day 2 (October 21, Wednesday) I can't get out of bed in the morning to save me, so that means I don't have time to get my workout in before work. Fortunately I'm working from home so I can still get it in at some point with just a little determination. Regarding my goals from yesterday: I cooked a delicata squash and a spaghetti squash. I did my workout at lunch. I haven't yet cooked more chicken, but I'm planning to do that after work. Breakfast: I had my coffee with coconut oil as usual. I plated some strawberries, delicata squash and chicken thighs. I ate the straw
  7. I know a few crazy people who enjoy talking on the phone, but I am for sure not one of them! haha! Having a written schedule is a GREAT idea!! I find I do better with more flexibility, but solid start and end times are really helpful. You're gonna rock it!!
  8. Day 1 continued .. Dinner - roasted chicken, avocado, broccoli with clarified butter, and fresh tomato. I hit the dessert tonight and had some Trader Joe's pumpkin "super premium" ice cream, as sinful as it sounds. I ate more than I initially intended. I KNOW I need to stay away from sugar, at least for now, as I haven't figured out how to just have some. It seems that no matter what my intentions, sugar ALWAYS turns into Food Without Brakes. I went on two walks with the dogs tonight. The first one only Gen went, and she can straight up sprint as fast as I can run. The second
  9. I decided to put my goal as the subject line so that I see it each and every day when I come to log and journal. There was an opening in a police department where my friend works, and using her as a reference would have been a HUGE advantage in applying. Sadly, there is no way I would have passed the physical test to qualify, so I missed out on that opportunity. Now that my W30 is done, and reintro is done, I'm ready to start focusing on really training so that the physical test is no big deal. I finished my W30 a couple of weeks ago. I learned some pretty significant stuff during reintr
  10. I am SO CHEERING YOU ON RIGHT NOW! When I started working from home I felt EXHAUSTED and I wasn't really sure why. The day was more or less the same, the biggest differences being that I was doing everything over the phone and video. I HATE THE PHONE SO BAD, so I just figured it was the talking on the phone that was wearing me out. I quickly learned it was so much more than that. I felt like I had to be super productive every single minute of the work day. When we were in the office it wasn't like that. People took breaks and chatted with each other and ran to the coffee shop, so there was abs
  11. So smart! Plus it makes the side effects less, I think.
  12. So, I finished the W30 with no fanfare and went straight into re-intro. Not because I was necessarily dying for something new (even though I was), but more because I was super excited to see how my previous favorite of oatmeal for breakfast fared against my new staple of eggs and veggies. Fail! Not only did I find the oatmeal unsatisfying in terms of how I remembered it tasting, I was also hungry again about 2 hours later. The same day I had some veggies, chicken and my old favorite Trader Joe's brown rice and quinoa pasta. Again, super unsatisfying! I was really discouraged by this as t
  13. Just kidding ... it's LadyM doing the Whole 1 million. My bad!
  14. Day 26 ... and I am DEFINITELY OVER THIS. Like seriously. It's not like I even want to eat junk food. I mean, I wouldn't turn down a doughnut from Doughnut Boy, but other than that I am just sick of veggies. I want some oatmeal. I want a bowl of raisin bran. I want carbs that don't come from vegetables. Yet I persist, because that's what you do. It's almost 10am and I haven't talked myself into eating breakfast yet. I've had some coffee, but there is absolutely nothing that I want to eat ... except for maybe a bowl of oatmeal or some homemade lemon blueberry pancakes. Then I thin
  15. Day .... I don't even know. I just know I'm getting close. At some point I will count again and figure out my Day 30. I've had a hard time finding time to get on the forum to track. I also stopped tracking in Day by Day. Work has been busy and the dogs are running me ragged and life just happens. I'm glad to be "almost done," but by the same token I have really enjoyed the structure and will probably stay with that for a while even after reintroduction. So ... breakfast today was leftover pork loin with gravy, sweet potatotes and some delicata squash. I couldn't even finish and
  16. Yes! It's hard to go from all the structure to NO structure without fear of falling back into the bad habits. I've seen both ends of the spectrum (really healthy and really unhealthy) enough to know I prefer being healthy (obviously) but lacking the motivation, willpower or whatever to stick to anything that isn't as rigid or structured as a Whole30. I really like your reintroduction plan of doing a week of each one - that's pretty comparable to the slow roll outlined in the book, isn't it? While I am a bit scared of hitting the end (I hit Day 16 today so I'm on the downward slope), I am S
  17. Day 16 (and I counted this time so I know it's right...) Today was another decent day, though I think I am going to need to start setting an alarm to remind myself to eat. It was 10:30 before I got up, took the dogs out, did their meds, made a cup of coffee, showered, dressed for work, barely made it to my first video call, finished the video call and realized I hadn't made breakfast yet. So, while it didn't start off on the best foot, I had a solid breakfast of eggs, sweet potatoes, asparagus and portabella mushroom. The fat came from the coconut oil in a couple of cups of coffee.
  18. Heck yes!! Maybe not weight, per se, but of course they can lose swelling and bloating just like any other part of your body. I've had a few days when I felt like I was getting cankles so, yeah, it can totally be a thing. It's funny you mention that, I noticed that a pair of my shoes I hadn't worn in a week felt looser today, too. Go you!!
  19. Day 15 ... if my math is right If it really is Day 15, that means I'm halfway through. I think it's also supposed to mean Tiger's Blood - if not now, then shortly! I feel like I got it right around the midway point in the past, but it's also been a few years. Today I did really well staying on track. For breakfast I had a leftover chicken sausage, some sweet potatoes and some asparagus. I slathered the asparagus with a little homemade mayo and a fresh lemon wedge. And, of course, I had some coffee with coconut oil. I think I went a bit light on the grub because I did get hungry a li
  20. YESSS!! It's so true. Funny, I got hooked on gummy bears because of a personal trainer. I was in the best shape of my LIFE, I had finished several rounds at a Boot Camp and was transitioning to more workout stuff on my own, so I hired a personal trainer at the gym. I would go first thing in the morning before work and he used to get on me for working out on an empty stomach. I really couldn't eat much or I would get nauseous when I was working out. He suggested a handful of gummy bears, like 10 at the most, just to get something in me. I remember him saying, "I cannot recommend this to most of
  21. Day 14 - Continued ... It's football day, which usually means Doritos, chicken wings, beer and other snacky foods (which for me means gummy bears). Naturally MOST of these things I can't have on a Whole30. I also want to break my habit of mindless hand to mouth eating, even if it is of "healthy" foods. Even so, the finger foods were appealing to me. I made chicken wings in the air fryer and served it with sliced carrots and cucumbers. I was originally going to have almonds as my fat, but I decided I wanted to "dip" my carrots. I thought I had some cashew sauce left, but since I could
  22. You're doing awesome! I would also comment that for Whole30 nuts and seeds shouldn't count as a protein. Nuts particularly will count as a fat, and things like chia seeds you want to limit. But yeah, you got it. I'm glad the pumpkin is filling, though, that's great news! Here's the official word from the "Can I have...?" Guide: Chia: Yes These “seeds” aren’t the same botanical family of seeds that we eliminate with grains and legumes, so that makes them fine to eat during your Whole30. Tip: Chia isn’t likely to cause you any serious trouble, but it’s not the omega-3 super-food i
  23. It's been a couple of months since you posted this, but I just saw it so I'll respond anyway. I've never worked with a paste so I can't say for sure, but one time I tried to make bone broth and I let it go too long and ended up with this "goo" type stuff. My chef friend said it had a name and was actually very widely used in the chef world because it was so delicious. It kind of ended up being like chicken jelly. Maybe this would be a sub for the paste you've been trying to find? I can't remember the name for the life of me, but basically it ended up being bone broth that had the extra ski
  24. YESSSS!! I shall zoodle my little heart out today!