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Liz's W30 Adventure


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About to go for the last meal of my first ever W30.  We are eating out, but I'm confident I can find something tasty and healthy.  What an experience this has been!  Tomorrow before I weigh/measure I'll post my thoughts/feelings about what I gained during my W30.

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I did it!  Successfully completed a Whole 30 on my first attempt!  Things I've learned:


1.  Food is not a reward for myself - it is sustenance, and I should enjoy it, but I don't "earn" it.

2.  Willpower - the further along I got, the easier it was to say "no thank you!" and not be miserable about it.

3.  Moderation - I can be quite happy eating three meals a day with no snacks in between.

4.  I don't need to fear any fruit - when I was doing low-carb I feared bananas, or mangoes, or other "forbidden fruits."  Now I can quite happily enjoy them without feeling guilty.


Now, physical results.  

Before:                               After:                Difference:

Weight 217.6                      209.4                -8.2

Underboob 34                    33.5                   -.5

Left bicep 13                      13

Right bicep 13.5                 13.5

Belly button 41.5                39.5 (!)               -2

Butt/Hips 48                        47 (!)                 -1

Left thigh 30                       27.5 (!)               -2.5

Right thigh 29                     27.5                  -1.5

Left calf 15.25                    15                     -.25

Right calf 15.75                  15.5                  -.25

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