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I did it! I finished my first Whole30!


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So today is day 31.  I did the whole 30 days without a single bite of non-compliant food going into my mouth.  My biggest deviation from perfection was a few times I had a Larabar because I was out and about and starving, and a few times I had a few bites of my son's fruit. 


So here were my starting numbers and the ones from today:

Weight - 150.4............142.6
Body fat percentage using Omron handheld thing 29.5%............26.9%
Body fat percentage using calipers 27.3%..........24%
Waist 33.5.............30
Below boobs (ribcage) 31.......29.5
Hips 40................38
Butt 41..............39.5
Thigh 23.5..........22.5
Calf 14.25..........13.5

I forgot to measure my arms last time. So these are good results given this is NO exercise, but I sneak peeked some measurements a few days ago (before time of the month) and the numbers were all smaller. I'm not sure about the weight and body fat percentage because I hadn't peeked at those, but I know for sure I was smaller a few days ago. I was going to hold off measuring until I was over my bloat, but I decided to just do it anyway. I'll still be smaller in a few days anyway. So I'm down about 8lbs, 3% body fat, and about 12 inches or so.

So I lost about 7 lbs of fat and 1 lb of lean mass.  Not bad for no exercise.  Now that my hip bursitis seems to be under control, I'm going to try starting to exercise.  That should help my results. 


I plan to do another Whole30, but it won't be perfect towards the end since we're going to Indiana for a week and I won't have control over all the food.  I'll do the best I can, but I found it hard to eat out at restaurants here so I just didn't.  I will have no choice there since we won't have a kitchen.  We'll have a fridge in our hotel, but no oven or stove.  I'll do the best I can.


What I've learned:


1.  Fruit makes me crave if I don't eat it with a meal or if I have too much.

2.  I LOVE coconut milk.

3.  I don't have cravings or get hungry if I have big enough meals and have a lot of fat.

4.  Onions, nuts, and raisins give me gas.

5.  I still haven't completely overcome all my emotional ties to food.  Even though I didn't cheat or waiver from the plan, I think I easily could have if I wasn't sticking to the plan to a T.  Now that I'm done with the first 30 and can reintroduce things, I'm too scared to try yet.  I think that means I'm not ready.  That's okay.  I also didn't get to feel all the benefits because I was sick for most of the the month with a sinus infection and also a low thyroid which required an increase in medication, but only 10 days ago.  So I lost all that weight WITH the low thyroid for 3/4 of the time.

6.  I LOVE veggies.  I thought that would be the hardest part of the program for me, but it was the easiest.  I LOVE veggies! 


I learned other things too, but I have to run to an appointment.  I just wanted to share.  Here are some before and after pics...well after and before pics. 




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BRavo! I totally chickened out on posting my before & afters, but you got amazing results--your belly especially. I totally understand being mad at ourselves for our "before" states, but you look great now and that's what matters. 

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Thanks for posting your pictures even though it's scary—it's a big encouragement! The results are really noticeable—you looked great before, and you look even fitter now. It's just really encouraging to see on a lady of a similar size/build to myself, so thank you for sharing. :) Did you have to buy a bunch of new clothes? (I say "have to" like it's a bad thing...) :S

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Thanks guys. :)  I've since lost another two pounds.  My waist is now 28.5 inches and I lost 10 lbs in 34 days.  Not bad for no exercise. :)  No new clothes yet.  I look forward to that though.  I'm fitting into ones that were too small though.

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