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Can I have tea?


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Hi there Freylah,


There's a discussion about tea in this forum:




The Coffee Manifesto blog has some info about compliant teas as well. Since manufacturers are always tweaking the ingredients, it's really important to read labels.


A couple of weeks ago, there was a terrific blog about W30 compliant foods. It basically consolidates a lot of the knowledge that's in this forum into an easy to read format.

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"There's a discussion about tea in this forum:




I was looking for that discussion and could not find it for the life of me!!!!  I wanted to read back though it as well :)


"Just make sure to check the ingredient list! You will be surprised at what they might have in there!"


So true, I was caught in the beginning a few times by tea I didn't think would be a problem until I read the ingredients!  Be careful!


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Oh gosh, thanks. I didn't even consider looking at ingredients, I assumed it would say 'tea' ... I guess I'm going to have to stop assuming :D


I presume you mean regular Barrys or Lyons tea - these are grand, it's the herbal/fruit ones you have to double-check the ingredients for sneaky stuff, but it's much better here than in states.

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