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A&J's Day 31 (...32)


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Well, I made a list in my notebook of all the positive changes (and weird changes) as a result of our Whole30 (http://forum.whole9l...s-first-whole30) and thought I should probably share them here for posterity or encouragement or commiseration! :)


(Formatting is weird and will not let me use bullet points. I hope this is readable!)


Here are the tangible results:


I lost 5 pounds (147 lbs to 142 lbs), but more significantly 3.25" off my hips, 2.75" off my waist, and an inch from each thigh. Translation: HUGE SUCCESS. Pretty much all my clothes are baggy and fit poorly now, though, heh. I mean, I used to have a muffin top, and now I can pull all my pants and shorts off without undoing them.


J (my husband) lost 4 pounds (179 lbs to 175 lbs) and 3" off his waist at his belly button.


Neither of us experience any bloating, pain, or discomfort after eating anymore. (All the rest of the results are my own, as J has always been healthy as a horse and was not looking for any changes other than the two I mentioned.)


My nails are growing better! (Total miracle.)


My hands are no longer swollen when I wake up every morning—I can actually get my wedding ring on first thing, as well as take it on and off even when I'm hot and sweaty (i.e., I don't swell up when my body temperature rises anymore).


I gave blood on Day 21 and it went about twice as fast as usual and my recovery was MUCH easier.


When I got my allergy shots in June, the reaction was much less than usual.


I have much lessened oral reactions to eating certain raw veg and fruit that used to bother me (carrots, bananas, kiwi, etc.).


My headaches (I assumed they were a combination of tension and vision problems from working/slouching on a computer all day) are pretty much gone.


My neck/shoulder tension (likewise) is lessened.


My chiropractor adjustments are a lot easier.


My hair has more body and less grease.


It is easier to get up in the morning, not-great sleep notwithstanding (see below).




And the non-tangible results:


I no longer feel guilt after eating! Not ever! This, to me, is the most life-changing thing.


I more easily recognize the signs of oncoming anxiety and find it easier to find my way out of anxious or depressed moods. In other words, my moods are more stable.




Things that are the same or not better (yet):


Seasonal, environmental, and pet allergies all still there. I have not been able to come off my allergy meds yet. (Although to compound things, I did have a bad cold the last week of the Whole30 as well).


My skin is about the same as before (which is to say pretty good) but noticeably oilier—which may not be a bad thing; I just need to play around with my facial cleanser mixture (EVOO and castor oil).


I still have dark circles under my eyes ALL. THE. TIME.


My sleep has not noticeably improved—in fact, I find I have a harder time staying asleep, although that could easily be blamed on more hours of daylight and the intense heat wave.


My BMs are less regular and often either runny or very difficult... though in the last few days, that has improved. I may need to look into a digestive enzyme or magnesium, methinks.


This is the weirdest one: I ended up having an extra period during our Whole30, and (so far) it's lasted two weeks. This is especially weird because I'm on birth control and my periods have always (on or off birth control) been regular and NEVER this long. It's most perplexing... and aggravating, let's be honest.




So, for these bottom reasons, I am continuing on and extending to a Whole50. (Why 50? Because it'll give me enough time to try a few reintros before a wedding we're going to in August.) J has reintroduced beer with no ill effects and will likely reintro chocolate as well.


When I do start reintroducing, I'm interested specifically in the effects of dairy, gluten (wheat), rice, corn, soy, and alcohol on my overall health and particularly my allergies.


Overall, we plan to continue eating Whole30-compliant when at home and when meals are within our own power, and using the Whole9 off-roading advice when those opportunities arise. I am so, so happy about my improved relationship with food and how I now understand that food does not control me; I make choices.

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Such awesome results! The sleep and cycle stuff is a bit concerning. You might want to check with a doctor on your cycle because the timing might be a coincidence. You might need a different doseage of bc with the hormone changes you have likely changed with your diet. Not a doctor so not sure but it is worth getting a professional opinion. Magnesium would probably help with both sleep and bathroom stuff. I actually bought the stuff to make magnesium oil but have not done it yet. 

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