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They do not measure up to Whole30 standards. You need to find alternatives or save these for after your Whole30. And you may not need them at all during a Whole30.


Here are some links to supplement related discussions:



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I am responding to this thread because I see where Tom listed some info on supplements. I read this as I am concerned about my calcium/D and even some other vitamin/mineral consumption. I eat regular meals, but it doesn't take much to feel me up. I rarely eat a meal as large as suggested on Whole 30, although I am eating the proper foods. I recently started tracking my meals on a tracker that tracks vitamins/minerals as well to check this. It appears that I am getting very little calcium/vitamin D on a regular basis. The other vitamins/minerals spike and fall on various days so it just depends on what I eat that day. This does not worry me. However, it does bother me that I am not getting hardly any calcium or d. The days that I notice a slight increase in these I believe falls on days that I wasn't feeling well so I drank green juice or smoothies. I know these are not recommended, but Is it okay for me to use smoothies/green juice as a supplement in order to avoid taking vitamin supplements? Any other suggestions on helping to get these numbers up? Thanks for any and all feedback. 

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