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First Meal Plan


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My husband and I are officially starting the Whole30 on August 1 (Thursday), but unofficially beginning to follow Whole30 meal guidelines to get us going.  In this time we will probably allow a few mistakes while we figure out what we're doing.  Or it might turn out to be an early official start, who knows!  On weekday lunches we bring leftovers from the night before.


Can you all take a look at my meal plan and help me figure out if I'm on the right track?  I'm still waiting on my ISWF book, so I haven't been able to read through that yet.


Breakfasts throughout the week will consist of eggs in a chunky tomato sauce and avocado.  Recipe here, just leave out the cheese.  LINK


Sunday 7-28 :

LUNCH:  I do not have a meal yet for this; I don't know what our plans are, so this is open.

DINNER:  Broccoli, Bacon, Apple Salad (LINK) - I can get fresh pork belly from the Farmer's Market so I was going to use that in place of bacon...  I can't find good bacon anywhere here.


Monday 7-29 :

LUNCH:  Leftovers from the weekend

DINNER:  Bell pepper stuffed tacos (LINK) - not sure if I will need a veggie side with this?  I plan on added shredded cabbage for some extra crunch to the tacos.


Tuesday 7-30 :

LUNCH:  Leftover bell pepper tacos

DINNER:  Chicken cacciatore over spaghetti squash (LINK) - how much spaghetti squash per person is normal?


Wednesday 7-31 :

LUNCH:  Leftover chicken cacciatore over spaghetti squash

DINNER:  Naked Bruschetta Turkey Burgers with an arugula/tomato/basil/red onion/balamic vinegar/EVOO salad (LINK) - will use almond flour, obvs. no cheese


Thursday 8-1 :

LUNCH:  Leftover Bruschetta Burgers and salad

DINNER:  Fresh Margarita Chicken over chopped greens (LINK, obvs. no alcohol or sugar added; most marinade is left in the bag) with guacamole; spicy sweet potato wedges/tots; grilled stone fruit (peaches or plums)


Friday 8-2 :

LUNCH:  leftover Margarita Chicken, guac, sweet potato tots

DINNER:  Chipotle (salad with carnitas and allowed ingredients) OR Panera's Secret Menu


So, what do you think?  Is this enough food/the right kind?

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I LOVE baked eggs - make sure you have enough veggies (at least two cups) and enough eggs per person (at least 3 - it should be as many as you can hold in your hand for one serve), and i'd also add some starchy carbs - maybe roast cubes of sweet potato and add that to the mix? or serve pieces on the side?


I think bacon is recommended as a condiment (more of a fat than a protein) as it's so fatty - perhaps add an extra protein to that salad? chicken would probably go nicely :)


i'd probably need 3 filled capsicum halves to make a decent sized meal in terms of enough veggies - you could have less, but serve extra salad on the side, or just make a huge salad without the cups!


I've never had spaghetti squash - I make zucchini noodles, and can easily have 2 zucchini's noodled (about 20cms each?)



I think your menu sounds yummy :) make sure you're getting enough protein and fat per meal, and heaps of veggies. i'd definitely include starchy carbs in your breakfast. make sure any sauces/stock etc are compliant and I think you'll be good!

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Salad isn't particularly filling, you could probably do with some more nutrient dense veggies.  Maybe add some kale or collard greens to your salads. I'd add a few more sweet potatoes.  You might get a bit tired of avocado if that's your only fat source other than the olive oil in salads, I'd add some olives in for variety.


I find that salad cups and filling peppers and things like that are way too much effort and prefer to just chuck everything on a plate.

I don't have access to spaghetti squash, but you'll probably want more than you think you do.  I can easily use the same amount of courgette as amberino.

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I think trying out some meals beforehand is a brilliant idea. As long as you're following the meal template  you can't really go wrong. As to whether it's enough food, you can't really judge until you start eating it. You shouldn't be hungry and you should be able to go comfortably from one meal to the next but it can take a while to learn just how much you need to eat at each meal to accomplish this. good luck



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Absolutely agree with all comments above, it does seem like you might be light on nutrient dense veggies.  Also, Chipotle is out as they use soy oil, even in the carnitas.  There is a long thread somewhere on here, I will try to find it and share the link.  Good luck!

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