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Beachchica's Daily Food Log


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This time around, I thought it might be helpful to hold myself accountable by not only journaling what I'm eating every day during this Whole30, but also POSTING my entries on this forum. I'm not really looking for a macronutrient analysis. I already know I'm light on protein and am mixing seafood & eggs with the vegetarian shopping list- a no-no according to the Hartwig's, but something I need to do to make this work. 


Here is what I ate today (day 1 of my Whole30), and how I moved as well. Hope you also had a great day!


  • 7AM 2 eggs, kale, coconut oil, orange, 4 oz black coffee w/ cinnamon, ice water, vitamin
  • 9AM jog 2.5 miles, walk 0.25 miles  :lol:
  • 10AM grapes + almonds
  • 12PM lentil soup, avocado, tomato, cucumber
  • 3PM white nectarine, edamame, almonds
  • 4PM walk 2 miles  :lol:
  • 6PM cauliflower, broccoli, mango, shrimp, broccoli slaw, coconut aminos, ghee
  • 7PM yard work  :lol:
  • 8PM chamomile tea


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Day 2:

7:45 AM banana, iced coffee w/ coconut milk, pumpkin-coconut-egg bake (coconut flour, coconut oil, ghee, coconut milk, flax, cinnamon & nutmeg), papaya

9:15 AM short walk :)

10AM berries, Greek yogurt, almonds

11AM yard work :)

12:30 PM pumpkin-coconut bake, Mexican salmon, veggies & black beans, Greek yogurt & avocado

3PM cashew cookie larabar

4:30 PM apple pie larabar (wasn't planning on 2 larabars, but my workout got moved to 5pm and I was hungry!)

5PM jog 4.1 miles :)  (with dog and stroller)

7PM Mexican salmon veggie dish, avocado, Greek yogurt, berries

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I find it a little harsh of you to make the statement you did with no explanation offered, or suggestions on how I could actually DO a Whole30. As a moderator, isn't it your job to chime in and help people who aren't as expert as you are? I'm a little taken aback to be honest- I've seen a lot of your feedback on the forums, and you usually are kind and informative.

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  • Moderators

Well that was a little harsh of me. Some days I move too fast and don't take the time to work with people. Thank you for calling me on it. But let me highlight what you wrote that made me figure you did not want any feedback from a moderator: "I'm not really looking for a macronutrient analysis. I already know I'm light on protein and am mixing seafood & eggs with the vegetarian shopping list- a no-no according to the Hartwig's, but something I need to do to make this work." I hear that as you saying, I know this isn't how the experts think a Whole30 should be done, but I believe I can make my hybrid program work. Maybe you can improve your health and achieve some good miles on your journey, but I am reluctant to call what you are doing a Whole30. 


Doing a vegetarian Whole30 is one thing and doing a standard Whole30 is another. When you mix the two, I don't know what it is. Many people assume hybrid programs are okay, and some imagine that combining two programs makes the experience better. I disagree almost every time. To be honest, I have encouraged at least one person to go forward with a hybrid program eating from the vegetarian menu with the addition of seafood and eggs, but your post struck me differently than this person. I remember that you eat some meat, some of the time, but you struggle with it. You seem to be in a transition phase. I am not sure that doing a Whole30 while you are in transition is a good idea. You see, as much as I think the Whole30 is a good thing, I am not convinced that every person should be doing a Whole30 at any point in time. You might notice me encouraging people to take breaks, stop their Whole30 early for special events, travel, etc. You may need to work on learning more about humane, healthy meat production and practice eating meat more before you attempt a standard Whole30. And I am concerned about opening the vegetarian menu to you when you will eat eggs, seafood, and occasionally meat. To me, that is like saying, "Eat whatever you are comfortable eating even though we say that eating soy, legumes, and dairy are less healthy choices. 


But beyond the issue of a hybrid program, I am concerned about what I saw in your report of meals on day 1 and day 2. I might have been more supportive if I saw a heavy concentration of broccoli, kale, beets, carrots, turnips, natto, and tempeh, but you were eating lots of fruit, larabars, nuts, and dessert-y-type dishes ( pumpkin-coconut bake). These are not great choices for either a standard or a vegetarian Whole30. My response was to think, "Whoa! You need a stricter program. You've given yourself too many choices by adding the vegetarian menu. Yogurt and berries is like dessert. Your parameters are too wide. 


Finally, I am very protective of what gets communicated about the Whole30 on the forum itself. What we see is that people look at what other people are doing and form their views of what is okay and not okay during a Whole30 instead of reading and following the guidelines. They assume things are okay that are explicitly ruled not okay in the guidelines because they read that so and so ate that or they heard so and so said that was okay. And I am concerned about what people publish in their Whole30 logs. I believe every off-plan food reported in a Whole30 log needs to be challenged because some newbie may assume that food is okay because someone "doing a Whole30" reported they ate it. We have had problems with people adjusting the program to fit their current situation, but wanting to log all their food. Rather than continue to harp on all they do that is non-standard, we decided to move such logs to the post-Whole30 area. That way people can log their food, but it is in a section where it should not cause confusion because it is not literally Whole30. You are not presenting the same issue as the person who kept posting about their soy lattes and caramel cappuccinos, but what you are doing is non-standard enough that I wanted to move it to a nonstandard area. 


Now finally (I know I've already said that), I am sorry we are not talking in person. Things would go better in a face-to-face meeting. But we have the forum and I will be available for ongoing discussion if you want that.

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Tom, thanks for your detailed explanation. I can see that what I was doing was not a Whole30, and I have no problem being called out on it. That's part of what "keeping myself accountable" means! I can see where you got the impression that I didn't want feedback. I was just pointing out that I already know I need to eat more protein, but as you mentioned in your response, I am struggling to come to terms with eating animal meat. I'm kind of living in both worlds, and maybe that's ok, but not for a Whole30. And the last thing I would want to do is mislead someone about this program.


As for not eating enough veggies- It's funny- before I started this latest attempt at a "whole30" I had been eating a lot of vegetables. I think the threat of not getting to eat whatever I wanted made me fall towards foods like fruit and nuts, which I know I need to limit. 


As for the pumpkin-coconut bake, I had started that with the best of intentions. A small side of pumpkin with some eggs- that was how it started. But then I decided it would be oh-so-convenient to bake them into proportioned "muffins" to make them easier to take for lunch/breakfast on the go. But a muffin is a muffin is a muffin, and sometimes the healthiest food is not the most convenient. This I know, but still fall pray to it sometimes.


Thanks again for taking the time to spell things out for me a little. I have a lot to learn about what works for me, and how to make Whole30 elements work in my life long-term.

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