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Whole 30 without weight loss?


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Hi everyone,

New to the Whole thing! I am on Day 5. My question is this and if I've missed it elsewhere, in the book, in the blog, forum, etc....I apologize. I feel like I am on information overload right now and am having trouble keeping it all straight.  I am doing the whole 30, (dragging a reluctant husband behind me the whole way) for the first time and my question is this.  I'm doing this for health purposes, I've battled with Thyroid issues all of my adult life and have got bounced from dr to dr and medicine to medicine.  I've finally decided to take matters into my own hands and stumbled across the Whole 30 book and made the leap.  Everything has been going great but my biggest concern is losing weight, I don't want to! So far my husband and I are eating very similarly and I'm dropping pounds and he is not.  Is there anything I can do to change it up?  So far I feel like our meals have been balanced, I've only had to snack a few times. 


I would love some suggestions to keep things healthy but find out if my goal is attainable to live this lifestyle and not result in weightloss.


Thank you so much!


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A few days worth of food like susan suggested would be very helpful.

If you've had to snack a few times in 5 days, because you were genuinely hungry, suggests that your meals aren't quite big enough.

Losing weight on your whole 30 isn't necessary - I didn't! You could eat more meals, or you could just increase the portion sizes of the ones you have, particularly the fat, protein, and starchy carb component.

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Thanks for the feedback, I am keeping a compete food journal with everything I'm eating so I can give you a couple days of sample.  I don't drink coffee so my drink choices have been awful...I've had a couple cups of roobios  tea, but mostly A LOT of water, some days I'm a little crazier than others and throw in a lemon slice.  (all of the meals have been made with coconut oil or ghee)


Breakfast, Mushroom,  tomato, spinach and egg scramble made with coconut milk, grapes 

Lunch   Chicken "salad" with avocado, tomato and almonds   

Snack 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner  Chili and guacamole with roasted plantains.


Breakfast  Shredded sweet potatoes with eggs, banana

Lunch  Grilled Chicken spinach salad with almonds, orange slices and balsamic vinegar

extra handful of almonds because they tasted so good!

Dinner  Shredded Beef Stir-fry with cashews, extra steamed asparagus on the side and an apple. 


I'm open to suggestions on some improvements I can make!



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It's only day 5! Likely, most of what you have lost is water weight. I didn't lose any weight during either of my 2 Whole30s - but I always lost a few pounds of water weight in the first 5 days or so...


Post your food, keep asking questions - folks on this forum are super helpful!


Good luck!

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