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So excited to take on this challenge, I am committed to discover what real foods (and combinations of foods) offer my body the best fuel and keep my energy level high, my blood sugar balanced and eliminate the sugar cravings and emotional eating. Here we go...

16 July - day 1

I woke up early for a 4 mile run to avoid the heat, super motivated to start my first whole30. Finished faster than usual (about 8 minute miles) and I felt great, ready to take on day 1!

Meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled with zucchini & onions in coconut oil

Meal 2: huge green salad with grape tomatoes, zucchini, salami & olive oil & balsamic dressing

Meal 3: sautéed cabbage, onion, turnips & ham.

Still feeling hungry & knowing I had a long night ahead, had a 2 carrots with almond butter

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Three eggs at meal 1 might be about right, but I am concerned you did not have enough protein with meals 2 and 3. Eating enough protein is important to maintaining activity levels and not getting hungry. Fat too.

Finding ham that is not cured with sugar has been impossible for me. I don't know much about salami ingredients, but you might need to check both. I would not let a problem with either derail me from doing the Whole30.


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Yes, the protein amounts in both meals were maybe slightly smaller than palm sized, mostly because I had no time to grocery shop before I decided to start on a Monday morning after being out of town all weekend! But I was determined not to be held back! Both the salami and the ham were applegate farms, teeny amount of sugar in the curing process from honey I think ont he ham, but less than 1 gram if I remember right, the package said 0g. I did stock up on protein & a mountain of veggies last night, so now I feel a little more prepared. Still have some food I can't let go to waste (the deli meats yesterday), but I am already feeling less bloated, expecting a headache when I woke up, but felt energetic enough to do an easy 20 minute elliptical circuit & some foam rolling before breakfast. Today is my HIIT class at 5:30, interested to see how my energy levels are without my usual pre-workout snacks. Planning to have a little sweet potato with olive oil & a handful of blueberries, have some macadamia nuts along too incase I'm famished. And homemade sports drink of water, lime juice & ginger post workout while I cook a proper dinner....

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17 July - day 2

woke up rested so did a little elliptical trainer and foam rolling

meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled with spinach, yellow peppers & ham in coconut oil

meal 2: huge greens + spinach salad (a little more substantial today) with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, salami (more than day 1), avocado & olive oil & balsamic dressing

pre-workout: 1/2 a sweet potato with a sprinkle of olive oil & sea salt and a few blueberries

Workout: 60 minute body revolution class, felt a little weaker/slower than usual, but battled through the HIIT style workout.

meal 3: spicy red curry (made with coconut milk) with chicken, cauliflower, onions, yellow peppers & spinach. Rasperries and sparkling water, I really wanted to eat more, not because I was hungry, but because I was emotional.

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18 July - day 3

was woken up by text message from my Wednesday running group, warning of high humidity for our 6 mile run at 6am!

I was also immediately struck by how HUNGRY I was! So I got up and drank lots of water & prepared (mentally & physically) for the run.

pre-run snack: apple slices wrapped in sliced roast turkey and a few macadamia nuts

run: just under 6 miles at about a 9 minute per mile pace, by mile 3 I was famished! Then I started thinking non-stop about what else I should/could have eatted pre-run! This was one of the first times I've felt truly hungry in the last 3 days.

meal 1: spinach salad with 3 hard boiled eggs, last bits of salami, tomatoes, cucumbers & olive oil and balsamic. Feeling shaky from the tough run, so I had half a glass of Naked brand Green Machine juice.

meal 2: leftover spicy red curry from last night, with half a sweet potato added. AND, a partial handful of macadamia nuts afterwards because I was still hungry 15 minutes later (!)

afternoon snack: blueberries & apple slices during a co-workers birthday celebration

looks like I'll be working a little late unexpectedly, so trying to think of what I can pick up for meal 3 that will be on plan, I will stop at Byerly's before my 6:30 appointment.

meal 3: A quick stop at Byerly's deli and I was able to make a salad (on plan!) with mixed greens, sprouts, beets, tomatoes, kale, olives, lots of roasted chicken (1.5 palm sized portion!) & sprinkled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

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It Starts With Food advises that pre-workout meals include protein and a little fat. You have enough stored energy to get you through a workout, so you don't need carbs to get you through. The pre-workout meal is designed to signal your hormones to get ready for a work period. See pages 242-243.

Given your meals over the past few days, I still think you might benefit from upping your protein. You aren't doing bad, I just think that is where you would get the most bang for your buck.

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19 July - day 4

I had a really restless night's sleep, and woke up feeling really tired and not quite ready to face another long, busy day.

My back & shoulders/neck were feeling sore, so I did a little yoga and focused on hip openers, back and hamstrings.

meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled in coconut oil with cabbage, onions and carrots - It was a stressful meal, trying to prepare & eat while getting my family ready for the day & I couldn't finish what I made because I was just not hungry, but I made sure to eat all the protein.

meal 2: Tuna salad with red peppers, onions, cucumbers, hearts of palm and half an avocado, dressing of olive oil & balsamic vinegar (half hour later STILL hungry, ate a few maadamia nuts to hold me over until pre-workout snack time)

pre-workout snack: roasted turkey & half an avocado

workout: 45 minute krankcycle/TRX/upper body strength interval class. I thought I was late arriving to class but was actually early, and it was 45 minutes long, not 60 minutes as I planned - but it was a good challenge nonetheless. I probably could have gone without a pre-workout snack because it was not as intense as Tuesday night.

post workout snack: roasted sweet potatoes & less than one serving of Green Machine juice, while walking back to my car & rushing off to a meeting.

meal 3: Didn't get home until 9, considered not eating, then remembered I have to run in the AM and know I'd wake up with a headache and be more lily to skip my run if I didn't eat. So, I sliced an Aidell's chicken & apple sausage sautéed with zucchini and onions and kale!

The CSA delivery was today & my hubby stopped at the butcher shop! The fridge is full and we are planning to make a bunch of things this weekend in prep for another really busy week next week!

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20 July - day 5

A second really horrible night's sleep! Woke up at 5:30 determined to get a short run in and make it thorugh Friday - almost the weekend!

workout: got up early to run, but about half a mile in felt really sluggish and had to walk a few blocks, then eventually ran again - cut the run short at about 2.5 miles, averaged about 11 minute miles (super slow & frustrating for me) - not sure why, my other runs this week have been amazing. Maybe just the lack of sleep?

meal 1: 3 eggs sauteed with red peppers, zuchinni, onion & a few left over sweet potatoes.

snack: 3 slices of roasted turkey

meal 2: roasted chicken salad with arugula, LOTS of CSA tomatoes (yay!), hearts of palm, avocado & olive oil/balsamic dressing

snack: apple slices (later dinner planned, trying to avoid cravings for off plan appetizers)

meal 3: date night at Red Stag Supperclub in Mpls with the hubby - determined to stay on plan, I checked out the menu & am prepared to talk to the server. wish me luck!

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20 July - day 5 (continued)

Thanks Meridith, I felt better throughout the day, hope tomorrow is better, I have many fun things planned- no time for sluggishness on Saturdays around here!

meal 3 update: I had a great date night dinner, wild caught salmon on a pile of fresh peas and asparagus! Totally on plan, yay! I also stole a few pieces of steak off hubby's plate, and probably half of his side of sautéed mushrooms. Really all super delicious. We went to see Moonrise Kingdom and I brought a small bag of almonds along.

Later had a few small pieces of watermelon as I was prepping stuff for our day at the beach tomorrow! Can't wait to get on the SUP!

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21 July - day 6

Meal 1/pre-workout: 2 eggs & avocado on a bed of lettuce sprinkled with olive oil. Cold press coffe with coconut milk.

Workout: 60 minute vinyasa yoga + 60 minute Body Revolution circuit class

Post workout snack: macadamia nuts

Meal 2: picnic at Cleary Lake before stand up paddle board class. Ham, cantaloupe, celery with almond butter & watermelon

Snack: almonds on the drive to a girlfriends house for girls night - then carrots & shrimp (strange combo I know, I had to pick & choose from the appetizerss people brought to share)

Meal 3: girls night out at a local tavern & grill. luckily they offered a 'plan your own salad' option, so I loaded it up with veggies and steak and avocado. Oil & vinegar dressing. As close to on-plan as possible, pretty happy I was able to stick with it. Although, was pretty tempted to have a margarita!

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22 July - day 6

Pre-workout/Meal 1: roasted chicken with avocado and a few sweet potatoes

Workout part 1: 6 mile hill run - we slowed our pace a little, but it was very humid so not a bad thing. We killed the hills! Wish I would have made some energy drink and left it at mile 3 or 4, we were very thirsty, and by mile 5 I was starving! I need to maybe bring a few macadamias along for mile 4...

Snack: macadamia nuts and a few sweet potato chunks, it was going to be a little while until I could have a proper meal.

Workout part 2: 60 minute power yoga

Meal 2: zucchini "pancake" roasted chicken and red leaf lettuce with olive oil & sea salt. Iced coffee with coconut milk.

Snack: watermelon while the kids played at the waterpark

Meal 3: a small hamburger and a grilled sausage, sautéed mushrooms & a side salad with avocados and balsamic vinaigrette. Cantaloupe & blueberries.

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I was just thinking about making some zucchini pancakes because I am going to have about 100 zucchini in just a week or two out of my garden. I currently have 4 medium ones. I already planned my meals for the week, but hoping to sneak them in for breakfast! Did you have a recipe or just wing it? I "pinned" one from the foodee I think.

Great job! Your workout would kill me!

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23 July - day 7

my mini-goal for this week is to get a little more sleep, and last night I turned the lights out at my self imposed deadline of 10:30 & slept GREAT, finally!! Today is my rest day since I worked out Sunday, which I typically don't. Took the extra time in the morning to have breakfast with the kids and get them off to start their days while the hubby went to work early.

meal 1: 2 eggs fried in coconut oil with a chicken apple sausage & an apple

meal 2: D'Amico mixed green salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, olives

I am stresing out a little about meal 3 - tonight is my once a month book club gathering with my 6 lovely literary friends - typically the hostess makes an amazing gourmet meal and has really delicious wine or cocktails. I am ok passing on the wine, and am determined to make good choices, but there may be no options for me that are 100% on-plan. Luckily, we are all like minded in nutrition & wellness, everyone has CSA deliveries, eats grassfed & organic - I just struggle with being stressed about doing this while living a real balanced lifestyle - working on eliminating those feelings of guilt associated with food. Also, starting Friday I will be on vacation for 10 days and not in charge of all my meals, but have made sure to explain to our hosts (my in-laws) that I am not eating grains or dairy. My mother-in-law has a severe gluten allergy, so basically their diet focuses on good proteins & vegetables and rice, so I intend to bring along some things to supplement/replace, and do the best I can to stay on-plan throughout vacation as well. Wish me luck!

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23 July - day 7 (part 2)

turns out the universe had plans for me other than enjoying my fun book club night & tempting gourmet dinner, we had a plumbing problem at our house and I spent the night cleaning up wet everything! many things ruined and much work will need to be done, again. It was very stressful and before this I would have turned to food to calm my emotions. Instead I focused my energy, got the work done and enjoyed a very late but tasty dinner...

meal 3: a late late dinner of roasted pork, salsa and avocado

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23 July - day 7 (part 2)

we had a plumbing problem at our house and I spent the night cleaning up wet everything! many things ruined and much work will need to be done, again.

Oh no! Not the kitchen sink? Good work staying on plan, and sorry to hear about the mess/trouble. I hope it is easily fixed.

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Thanks missmary - it's the dreaded basement bathroom we added about 7 years ago. Things are drying out already, despite our 99% humidity today! For now the water is off - we couldn't focus on fixing the problem, we just had to get the wet stuff out!

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24 July - day 8

pre-workout snack: macadamia nuts

workout: 60 minute real ryder spin class - it was a great HIIT style class, my legs were still a little sore from the weekend, but my energy was high and my snack seemed to hold me over well this morning.

meal 1: 2 eggs sauteed with sliced chicken apple sausage & zucchini, iced coffee with coconut milk

meal 2: HUGE salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, avocado & olive oil/balsamic dressing.

meal 3: Took the girls to our local neighborhood restaurant, the choices I had a salad with greens & beets & grilled chicken - it had orange vinagrette, which I asked if it had sugar and server said no - but I am pretty sure she was mistaken - all night I was craving sugar so badly! The salad wasn't super filling, so I had an apple and almond butter when we got home & a glass of gingerade kombucha.

today was tough, I was really tired and kept thinking how easy it would be to turn to sugar for a quick pick me up. stress and lack of sleep was the main reason I think. but.... vacation starts in 3 days!

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