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First Whole30 Finished... discouraged at first but not anymore!


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I finished my first Whole30 on Friday, which meant I could officially weigh myself and take all the appropriate measurements Saturday morning.  I was so excited that I had trouble sleeping a bit Friday night. 


However, let's start off with the non-quantitative results. I already slept fairly well to begin with but now I don't wake up feeling tired or exhausted.  I also have a steady amount of energy throughout the day now.  I don't have that tired feeling at 3pm in the afternoons anymore!  Yay! No more snacking either! I can get from one meal to the other without feeling the need to munch on something throughout the day.


Now on to the more measurable differences.  I was extremely depressed on Saturday when I got on the scale to see I had only lost 0.8lb.  I got back in bed a cried a bit.  I followed the meal plans exactly, ate nothing off plan, no cheats at all!  I also worked out 5-6 days a week, which included interval training, spinning classes, and running.  All that hard work and not even a whole pound!!   It took me a few days to get over.  I was initially planning to write my success story as soon as I could Saturday morning but after that, I just didn't feel motivated. 

I needed those couple of days to think and refocus myself away from the scale.  I had been so excited before I knew exactly how much weight I had lost because I could already see the changes in my body.  I had been taking weekly pictures to motivate myself and could see the results I was getting, which really excited me and let me know that I was succeeding!  Well after my two days of self pity, I sucked it up and got out the measurements to see what really happened (all are in inches except weight which is in pounds):


              Old    New    Difference
Bicep      12     11.5       0.5

Calf        15.7   15         0.7

Thigh      26     24.5      1.5

Waist      34       31        3

Chest      38      36        2

Hips       45.5    42        3.5

Weight  167.4  166.6    0.8


So all in all about 14 inches gone! I think I will be giving up the scale and continuing with pictures and measurements every so often. 

As for life after the Whole30, I have been continuing to eat like I am on the plan, except for two non-compliant bacon strips I had yesterday.  I plan on continuing to eat this way when I can because I don't want to give up my constant energy level and just the overall good feeling I have from being a bit healthier. 

I have included some before and after photos.  The ones on the left are before and the ones on the right are after.  Please do not copy or reuse.



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Hey! You look great!!!! Congrats! The pictures speak for themselves! You always have to remember that muscle weights more than fat. You definitely should be very proud of yourself. Not only did you loose weight (even couple lbs ) you managed to turn your fat into lean muscle! Awesome!!!! :)

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