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Eating beef for the first time in years - bad idea to start now?

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Hi all!

I've just started Whole30 and I'm considering eating beef again. I stopped eating beef about 10-15 years ago - just didn't like the texture/way my Dad cooked it for me. I've had tastes and bites of beef over the last 10-15 years but never several slices, whole steaks, etc.. With that being said, since starting Whole30 I'm actually craving beef!? Plus I think it would be a nice addition to all the pork, turkey, chicken, eggs, salmon, etc., that I've been eating.


A) Is it odd that I'm craving beef?


B) Is it a bad idea to reintroduce beef to my body while I'm doing the Whole30? Should I wait until after?


Thanks :)

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Thank you for the article! Very helpful.


Is it coming up to your TOM? My sister (who is almost a vegetarian) craves liver at her TOM because her body wants the Iron boost


Candirose, you're 100% right! I never even thought of that. Thanks!

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