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Well, I was uninspiring in walking yesterday.  Between crazy thunderstorms and an even more crazy work day, I didn't even make it out for one walk, and I felt it.  And then out for dinner with some friends.  So no movement in the evening.  But the dinner was good for my soul, so I'll take it.  Today should be much less crazy, so three walks and then something tonight once packing is done, maybe yoga, maybe a run, maybe just a walk, but something.


Food is fine, ate more than usual last night for my evening meal, but didn't feel like I overdid it.  However, I had awful sleep last night.  I stopped looking at the clock at 1:30, but was definitely up longer than that.  And up at 5:30, so I'm a little draggy today.  I'm blaming it on my super stressful work day.  Hopefully tonight will clear me up.


We leave for vacation tomorrow when my son finishes up his last day of school (in from 8:30-10:30  :rolleyes: ), and then we are driving straight through to Charlotte to see my brother.  Not looking forward to the 9 hours in the car, but I am looking forward to seeing my brother and his girlfriend, we haven't seen them since Christmas.  And their new addition, Max the plott hound. :D   Should be fun.  And I'm looking forward to lots of activity and I'm not worrying about my food, other than not overeating and not eating anything that makes me feel badly.

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Fantastic vacation!  So much fun stuff.  My brother had a great visit planned for us in Charlotte.  Discovery Center, swimming, and a Ghost Tour of the 4th Ward on Saturday.  Sunday consisted of meeting my sister for lunch, then bowling at the Epicenter, more swimming, and then miniature golf, followed by a later dinner (I managed to get in a run).  Monday we went to the US White Water Center and went white water rafting.  It was SO much fun.  I did fall in.  I almost saved myself, but then my brother fell on me and I was off the raft.  My son also fell out, but I don't think he tried very hard to stay in.  :P


Tuesday morning we headed to Luray, did a tour of the caverns, which were amazing, so much better than any local caverns.  Then we relaxed at our cabin, once we found it.  The roads to get there were dirt and very rough.  Our poor sedan wasn't quite up to the challenge.  Wednesday we went hiking in the Shenandoah National Forest.  We did the Stony Man trail, which was partially on the AT.  So our third AT state - VA!


Yesterday we drove home, got unpacked and started on laundry.


Eating was all over the place and my weight is up a few pounds.  I'm fine with all that.  Now that we're home, I'll get back on track.  Also back on track with regular exercise.


Hope everyone is well!

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It was a nice weekend.  Finally got to meet the new neighbor yesterday.  He is adorable and tiny, but has gained over a pound since birth, so doing well.  We are having a ton of stuff picked up by a charity today, so it feels good to have all that out of the house.  I think this upcoming weekend will have to center around my son's areas and getting those arranged so that the puppy will not not be choking on legos and various other toys.


So a run on Friday, yoga at home with Brian on Saturday, and another run yesterday.  I am really sore, I think from the yoga.  The week off really impacted me.  Today, three walks and either a run or yoga tonight, I haven't decided yet.  And my husband is leaving again, but only for a night this time.  My son was excited to not have to put on his uniform this morning.  He's doing a one week history camp, so hopefully he enjoys that.


Eating is fine, a little overindulgence over the weekend, nothing crazy.  Time to get back on it with a normal schedule this week.

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Eating got a little out of control the last couple of days.  And not good, worth it eating.  Just making choices I regret after making them.  Time to rein it in.


Yesterday I had two longish walks, probably about 45 minutes total.  Plus an hour of yoga with Brian.  Aiming for three walks today, but with a massage and possible rainstorms, we'll see what actually happens.  Also hoping to get to yoga class tonight.  It has been too long and I miss my yoga group/instructor.


Tomorrow is our first Friday home and no school.  I can sleep in!  :D   We're starting to get very anxious for puppy.

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