Starting to Hate Food


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My wife and I are on Day 24 - and I'm starting to get worried about her.  It took her about 8 days to get over the hung-over feeling in the beginning, and then she was feeling pretty good.  For the past 5 days tho, she's been feeling nauseous and she doesn't want to eat.  Now she's in this place where the thought of meat (or any protein) makes her nauseous, but she's educated enough through this program that she doesn't want to eat anything else either.  I'm positive she's not eating enough, and that is just compounding the problem.


Do you guys have any suggestions?  This whole thing was my idea and she did it mainly to support to me, and now I feel like I've ruined food for her.  She doesn't want to eat something unhealthy, but she's fed up with the healthy foods and its making her feel nauseous.



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Good idea Chris.  Ill see if I can come up with something more specific - but typically we eat eggs and sweet potato hash for Meal 1, left overs for Meal 2, and for dinner we've been just been picking recipes off of Nom Nom or PaleOMG.  We eat a lot of chicken and ground beef and for vegetables we're mostly eating peppers, broccoli, cauliflower.

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Here are a couple recipes that look divine or that i can vouch for are totally yummy and might help change things up for your wife-- I LIVE for this and I add more broth to make it very soup like and I love it for breakfast, lunch, dinner--very yummy! 


What about soups or stews or curries? Something to change up the same ol' same ol'. Something I really love for breakfast is to take 3 hard boiled eggs and mash them with a half an avocado and maybe a touch of mayo, and then green onions and what ever seasonings you like in egg salad and then scoop it up with celery sticks. What about a tin of compliant sardines mashed up with mayo and eaten the same way or done crab cake style? 


If you are basically eating the same thing, day in day out essentially, could it just be boredom? Something that hubby and I really like is doing original joes, which is essentially ground beef mixed with mushrooms and spinach and scrambled with eggs. SO good! You could use sausage in stead or vary the veg--kale for spinach for example. I really like this with sliced tomatoes on the side, and what about having this for dinner instead of breakfast? I second a million times over having a frittata or other breakfast bake. 


Good luck!

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Is it possible she is overdoing the protein? If its specifically the meat and eggs making her feel ill, then step away from them for a bit. Eat lots of veggies and a tiny bit of protein that does appeal. And as others have said, mix it up a bit. One of our favourites here is a Kerala Prawn curry, served over "riced cauliflower" ...


serves 2

2 x red chillies

1 red onion

1 in piece of fresh ginger, peeled

Put them in a blender with 2 tbsp. water, blend to a paste.

Heat some oil. Toss in 1 tsp black mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds, 14 curry leaves, 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1/2 tsp bashed black pepper corns and fry till they pop; add the chilli mix from the blender and lower the heat. Cook for about 5 minutes without colouring. Pour in a tin of coconut milk, bring to simmer, add cooked prawns. When they are warm, squeeze in juice of 1 lime. Serve over cauli rice. YUM.


The spices can be a bit of a pig to find but so worth it because this dish I challenge anyone not to love. :o)

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I really appreciate all the responses.  An update:  the last couple days she's been feeling much better.  She explained to me that it was mostly breakfast that was bugging her because we do mix it up quite a bit at dinner.  Last night I took Chris' advice and made a scallop pasta dish.  Pretty good - and definitely something different (


She took a break from the eggs in the morning and she started feeling better.  We also think she had a touch of the flu which obviously compounded the issue.


Thanks so much for the support. Day 26 today - almost there!

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