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How to supplement. Help, please!


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I completed my first Whole30 in the beginning of December, and starting today, I'm taking on a Whole45, because my winter depression and therefore sugar cravings won over the holidays despite my efforts. I've got everything all planned out, but I'm stumped on one thing: Supplements. I take a NUMBER of supplements prescribed by my naturopath to correct certain vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. I've looked at tons of other posts asking similar questions, but most responses say, "well, if it's medication prescribed by your doctor, sure! But if it's a supplement, that's different"... But it's kinda the same thing for me, so which side do I take?

I did my first Whole30 sans all my supplements (list below) and my moderate (hormone induced) acne did not improve and may even have worsened. Turns out my progesterone levels have finally risen, but my testosterone and estrogen levels have skyrocketed and some of these are designed to reduce those levels, which I hope to fix my acne, finally (I'm a 25 year old women who's been struggling with this since I was 16).

What are your thoughts, people? I really can't afford to go and replace all the non-compliant supplements (this stuff's pricey) and I prefer to stick with the brands my doc prefers anyway. I want to decide to just take them, but I need to hear all the angles. Thanks!

Folic acid: rice flour, soy lecithin

Prosforte: soybean oil and caramel color

D3: sunflower oil (therefore, iffy)

Eleuthero: compliant

Evening primrose: compliant

Phyto-multi: surprisingly compliant

Niacinamide: compliant

B12: compliant

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Hey Kat! As a fellow person who has waged battles with acne over the years, I feel your pain :)


Surprised to hear that your acne worsened while completing a Whole30, but this is possible.


A few things:


-Have you tried cutting out eggs? Or, more largely, night shades? These can be related to acne.

-Have you been over consuming nuts?

-Have you tried 3 TBSP of coconut oil per day?


All of these things relate to food, not supplements, and can make a WORLD of difference. Acne is largely individualistic, and you may have sensitivities without realizing it.


If you have tried all of these options, I actually would largely disregard that supplement list, and instead do some vitamin A (do not exceed 10,000 IU - vitamin A is toxic and will continually be stored in your liver). I would also do a high quality fish oil, which will contain D3 as well. Nordic Naturals Ultra Xtra Omega is my personal choice.


You can play around with biotin, and vitamin K2 (menaquinone) as well. Antioxidants (alpha lipoic acid in particular) may help, as well as vitamin B12 (which I do see listed).


Chris Kresser has some great stuff on this topic, I would definitely read through it. Also, a good pro- and pre- biotic, like Prescript Assist can help immensely. Gut health can be directly related to skin (epithelial) health.


Hope this helps :)

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on supplements, if you feel they are medically required and your dr. prescribed them, then you get to decide if you want to include them.


Sure, if you can find some that are compliant, you might as well (vitamin D is available in oilve oil, for example), but it is ok to keep taking them. Yes, a small amount of soy in the supplement may make a difference, but taking away a needed hormone balancing supplement could have consequences too, so weigh that in the balance for your decision.

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I'd keep taking those, if you want to balance the sunflower (omega 6), take extra fish oil (omega 3).

I do that if I think I may have had too much omega 6 intake.


Your chemist may be able to tell you more about how they are made, some of the ones labelled soy, don't use the same kind of soy as what's in food. Your chemist may also be able to advise on a better replacement, when it comes time for a refill.


I do find too many nightshades does muck around with my skin, eggplant especially for some reason.

Things that make it better: More fish & seafood, omega 3 supplement (I take 8000mg daily - 4 x 2000mg capsules), magnesium, sleep, organic face products and an oily "preclense" before my shower have helped me with my acne.

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Hey, EatTrainClean, thanks for the food suggestions. I'm not worried about eggs, as I've been tested for both allergies and sensitives on them, but that's interesting about nightshades... I might have to give that a try. I also could stand to up my coconut oil intake. I probably average 1-2 tbsp a day, except for the days I add it to my coffee.

I also was taking extra large doses of Vitamin A for six months (as prescribed by the naturopath) and have now dropped down to the levels provided in the multi I'm taking.

Praxisproject, I've decided I'm not too worried about the 6 drops of sunflower oil a day, but I should definitely add a fish oil to my list anyway, thanks!

I did decide to keep going with the "meds" as prescribed. The amounts in them are minimal enough that it's more important to me to stick with the regimen. When I run out, I will see if my doc can at least recommend alternatives without soy. I'm not too worried about the other ingredients, but I have decided I want to be as soy free as possible since I know it increases estrogen levels.

Thanks all!

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