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Fat/carb/protein ratios?

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Day 2:

I'm using the MyFitnessPal app just to help me keep track of things. 


I'm incorporating a lot of healthy fats into my diet but I'm afraid I might be overdoing it.  I am following all other guidelines.  I'd love a little direction.


So far today, I've had 3 meals, the app says I have 301 calories remaining of my 1500 (the app assigned that but i'm not super worried about calories really).  It breaks down like this:


Fats: 61%

Protein:  24%

Carbs: 15%


Am I overdoing the fats? Is there a guideline somewhere?


I'm doing T-Tapp Rehab for my exercise as I am dealing with some pretty severe facet pain in my back so not able to lift/bend much.


Food Log 1-5-14.doc

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Whole30 is a lot simpler than what you're doing:


1-2 palm-size portions of protein

1-2 thumb-size portions of fat

2-3 cups of vegetables


Eat that three times a day. 


If you work out, there are some additional guidelines for pre and post workout meals.


If you're hungry between meals, eat a mini-meal following the template above.


Ditch MyFitnessPal, calorie counting, percentage ratios, and any other nonsense designed to screw with your head and make you think you're doin' wrong.


There's a more detailed look at the template, and a shopping list, somewhere on the website, that someone will probably link you to in another response, but for now:

1. Get off MyFitnessPal

2. Eat according to the template above

3. Enjoy! (no calorie counting, ratio-worrying, points, or other weirdness)


Editing to add: regarding your question about whether you're overdoing it on fats or not, the general answer is no.  It's highly unlikely that a woman in her forties (howdy, me too) raised in the culture of our times, will ever overdo it on fat consumption.  If anything eat significantly more than you think is physically healthy and morally virtuous, and then add a drip or ten of olive oil on top of that, and you'll be marginally headed in the right direction.  ;)

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