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Day 3 on our second Whole30!


The best thing about our first Whole30 that really stuck with us after we finished was FOOD PREP SUNDAY.  All three of us at our home are on board with Whole30, and we are all busy professionals.  I am a teacher, and my boyfriend Matt is a chef.  Our house is rounded out with our housemate Kevin, and a dog and a cat.  In other words, we are all busy, and midweek meals can be tricky.


The idea behind FOOD PREP SUNDAY is to prepare a lot of food that can carry you through the midweek  meals and provide lots of ready to go items that can fill the gaps.  Matt usually has a rough plan for the week, and will devlop a food prep list for Sunday.  The basics are getting a lot of proteins either cook or ready to cook, prepare a lot of veggie dishes, make a stock from last week's protein, and/or make a soup.  For me, another key component is preparing some easy lunch options for the work week ahead.


Matt will be blogging some very food specific posts, including tips and recipes for cooking on his blog, so feel free to check in there with our progress.  He can make the cooking end of Whole30 much less daunting.


[email protected]


This past Sunday our prep list included:



Rub/smoke two chickens (one we ate last night, and the other was vacuum sealed)

Smoke Trout (a last minute buy at our grocery store, good buy)

Prepare beef to make homemade jerky later in the week

Bison Burgers- which we devoured on Sunday night with horseradish sauce and sauerkraut



Cauliflower puree (yum- just cauliflower, celery root, and coconut cream)

Sweet Potato puree (Sweet potatoes, coconut cream, nutmeg= amazing!!!)

Roasted veggies (cut into small chunks, great for snacking and meals)

A huge undressed salad for weekly meals


In addition this week, I also made a huge batch of tuna salad for lunches (with our delicious homemade mayo), and I am also working on a great recipe for homemade almond milk - I will keep you posted on the success of that!


I wanted to post about the success of food prep sunday because it is so essential for our Whole30 success.  Having the fridge stocked with great food that is ready to eat is amazing.  We are very lucky in our house to have three adults ready to cook and prepare food, but we want everyone to know that food prep sunday can work for anyone!


Good Luck everyone, let me know your thoughts, and check out Matt's blog, and ask him questions here or directly at his blog.  whole30chef.blogspot.com  (He also posts a lot of yummy food pics)


Happy Eating!






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What is coconut cream?  I've seen milk, butter, oil, etc. but never 'cream'.  Do you make this from the milk or butter?


It's the thick part of canned coconut milk. You can sometimes find cans of it too, although it's harder to find than coconut milk. For any of the purees listed above, coconut milk would probably work just fine.

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