Post Whole30 Plans - Advice Wanted

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Hi all!


My husband and are are doing our second Whole30. We did our first one about a year ago and had felt great. However, after moving cross-country in Spring we had completely fallen off the bandwagon. 


For myself, I need and want to lose weight. I am assuming when we finish this round I'll have about 30 pounds to lose to be a healthy weight.


I'd love to hear your suggestions for continued weight loss post Whole30, without necessarily continuing to follow the Whole30 program to a T.


Any advice for continued weight loss after completing a Whole30? My background has always been Weight Watchers and counting calories/fat/etc. so I'd like to hear other options.


Thank you all!

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I w30 last July, and since then have stayed about 95-100% paleo. (Will on occasion indulge in corn tortilla chips at a restaurant, but that's my main off road)

I.have continued to lose weight at a slow but steady pace. Since May I'm down 52, since starting my Whole 30/pale journey 6.5 months ago, down 42 lbs. I haven't worked.out at all but I'm finally ready to add that. I still have a ways to.go.(about 40-50 lbs) and I love eating this way, hate counting and measuring so.this works and has really become a lifestyle instead of a diet. For the first.time I this is something that works, that is healthy, easy to sustain because I'm never hungry and always satisfied. Why fix what "ain't" broken? Just keep living paleo/whole 9 would be my suggestion! Good.luck!

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My advice would be to do your reintroductions carefully and make decisions going forward based on those but sticking to the program for the majority of the time. Personally even though I still have fat to lose I've taken the emphasis off of losing weight and have exiled my scale. I'm much more concerned about how I feel, how my clothes fit, and how I sleep. A "healthy" weight is so relative. 


Keep training yourself to listen and respond to what your body actually needs and wants, get good sleep, and reasonable exercise and the changes will happen, slow and steady.

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