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Day 0

OK so I am all prepared for tomorrow.  Tomorrow looks like:

  * I cooked up 12 chicken fajita egg muffins for my breakfast for the week (I figure I can eat 2).

  * I prepared a tuna salad (w/olive oil, 1/2 can of albacore tuna, 1/2 avocado celery, red pepper, garlic, salt, pepper, fresh lemon juice)

  * I packed my free-range turkey jerky for my pre workout meal 

  **Crossfit @ 4:30 PM

  * Mahi Mahi w/gingered carrots and salad w/all the goods + 1/2 avocado


Thoughts, suggestions, recommendations are welcome!  To tomorrow  :)  good night

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Day 1:  Jan 20th


Well I woke up with a head cold so I skipped on Crossfit and the Pre/post workout meal.  Other than that, I stayed on track!  


Went to bed around 10:45, laid there for about an hour before I fell asleep, Tossed and turned all night as usual, got up to pee around 12:30-1:00 as usual; who knows what time it was for sure, woke up about 3 other times tossing and turning.... thoughts of everything other than sleep.


Alarm went off at 6:15 am, woke up reset for 6:30, woke up and reset for 7:00... SHIT now I'm late for work...dragged myself out of bed...HEAD COLD OF COURSE!!!  Probably from the lack of sleep I ALWAYS have!  Got ready grabed my pre-made breakfast and lunch...Coffee black (THAT WAS A FIRST) didn't LOVE it didn't hate it either.  Arrived to work 35 minutes late.



Meal 1 8:45 AM:  I did feel a little hungry about 2 hours after eating, I asked myself could I eat fish and broccoli YES, but than I like that so I didn't want to jump in and eat... I downed some water, got back to working and the thought of being hungry went away.  


Meal 2 1:30 PM: Wasn't starving by the time I ate my lunch, but was hungry... My tuna salad was AMAZING! I do think I had too much fat in it.  I cut the recipe in half and than included the olive oil for the entire receipe which was 2 Tbl + 1/2 avocado.. Oh well it was good, really good!  I wasn't hungry till I was in the car driving home that I thought about not being hungry and than turned hungry! Plus my bad habit is to snack snack snack (which typically makes up enough calories for the entire day + some) as soon as I get home that last through cooking dinner... So my mind drifted in that habit mode I became hungry.  However, I came home didn't rush into the kitchen as I usually do...played with the baby, put some laundry away... Than started dinner; open a can of Crox water and enjoyed cooking my dinner with NO SNACKS!!!


Meal 3 6:30 PM: Wasn't starving but definitely hungry.  I am drinking some tea right now and getting ready to turn in for the night...Mahi Mahi w/gingered carrots + Salad.


Got through day 1... Can't wait to see what challenges tomorrow brings so I can tell you all about it HAHAHA


Food was great, still feeling tired, but I'm also sick...

The things I am looking forward to the most are my acid reflux to go away, the weird pain in my wrist no one can seem to figure out what it is to go away, waking up at 4:30 so I can take the 5:00 am crossfit class, sleeping throughout the night not having to get up to pee and tossing and turning (has got to quit), and forgetting what the snooze button is!

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Day 2: Jan 21


I went to sleep last night at 8:45 PM.  I was so exhausted from being sick.  Woke up at 10:38 PM to pee & up 3 more times to blow my nose so I could breath...  Yep!  Sick...Fever... chills. 


Alarm went off at 6:00 - woke up reset to 6:30 - woke up reset to 6:45 AM finally unwillingly dragged myself out of bed and felt worse than yesterday.  I can't tell if it is because I am sick or if it is because of this stupid cold! 


My energy levels are low today, really just wanted to stay in bed, but that is to be expected with how I am feeling.  Needless to say I am not doing CrossFit again! I HATE THAT I AM COMPLETELY OFF TRACK! 


Meal 1:  7:15 AM black coffee

              8:15 AM 2 chicken fajita muffins (same as day 1, I premade 12 Sunday).  40 minutes later my stomach felt pretty empty & I began to feel really hungry.  I drank some green tea and 2 24 oz waters but was still hungry.  But I pushed through to lunch. 


Meal 2: 1:15 PM left over mahi mahi w/gingered carrots and a side salad w/olive oil drizzled on top. The fish is by far my favorite recipe ever!  Definitely filled me up.  Had my normal cravings I get on my way home because my mind is so used to the snacks...normally I'm soooo hungry when I get home I eat everything in site literally!  I wasn't starving, but I was starting to fill a little hungry so I started preparing dinner.... Without snacking.  


Snack - 4 fork fulls of sauerkraut


Meal 3:  5:45 PM 2 Chicken drumsticks one of each. Prepared 2 batches (Yep got my entire family eating my Whole30 dinner meals; of course they eat what they want when I am not around) 1/2 the batch was a Cajun spice and the other half was an Italian mix (1 Tbl of coconut oil drizzled on top prior to the rub per batch; 2 batches).  1 Tbl of coconut oil melted in a pan to cook vegetables (Kale, cabbage, mushroom, cauliflower mix).  Side salad w/couple pieces of avocado w/homemade paleo ranch from NomNom Paleo's cookbook! 


Want something sweet, but definitely not hungry... Was my dinner too large or too much fat?????  Going to drink some organic tea and call it a night.  


Day 2 complete.

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Day 3: Jan 22

I went to bed last night around 9pm & slept better than I have in a long while. I did wake up around 10:30-11pm to pee(I think I need to stop drinking my tea right before I go to bed). I've already drank my tea this evening so we will see if that works for tonight. I did not toss & turn which was awesome. I had the craziest dream last night that I was at my mother in laws house (best cook on the planet) & she gave me a muffin and I got through half of it before I realized I wasn't supposed to be eating it. I didn't feel guilty I just kept eating it. I woke up bummed that I cheated on my whole 30 & than realized it was just a dream. Sooooo bizarre

I didn't set my alarm for 6am this morning, I set my alarm for 6:45am and woke up ready to go (my goal however is to wake up at 4:30 am). Besides the head cold I've been battling the last couple of days I woke up more refreshed than I have in a while. Still feeling a little foggy but definitely more clear.

My activity level was higher than day 1 & most definitely higher than day 2 but it could be better. I'm going for better. One thing I'm happy about is I've had constipation issues since I was a child and I've went to the bathroom every day so far.

Meal 1: 7:15 am black coffee (I'm a pro at black coffee now).

8:25 am 2 egg muffins . I was hungry again 40 minutes later so tomorrow I'm going to eat 3 and see if that fills me up. However, after I drink 24 oz of water and drink 16 oz of green tea I can get by to lunch but over all, I'm still hungry. Way more hungry than after lunch and dinner.

Meal 2: 12:00 pm 2 L/O chicken wings, mixed veggies and a side salad from last nights dinner. I was definitely full and it kept my energy level up till dinner. I had a job interview today and felt I had clear mind.

Meal 3: 6:30 pm 2 chicken thighs (couldn't finish my second one), zucchini cooked in tsp of coconut oil and a side salad with mom nom paleo ranch drizzled on top. Filled me up. I had to bake bread for the hubby and kids and really had to watch my fingers from taking a little piece. BUT I DID IT I STOOD FIRM AND DIDNT BUDGE, GO ME!

Day 3in the bag... Good night

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Welcome! Nice start.


On the coffee before breakfast thing, can you at least combine your food intake with your coffee? Caffeine is an appetite suppressant, which is why ISWF recommends eating your meal 1 before having your coffee.

I wonder if you have enough food in 2 egg muffins? A serving of eggs is the number you can hold in your hand: that's at least 2-3 for most people. The meal template calls for 1-3 cups of veggies per meal - would that amount be in 2 egg muffins?  My hunch is you need to eat more egg muffins and/or add some veggies on the side. Make sure you also include a compliant fat.


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Day 4: January 23

I didn't wake up to pee last night I guess drinking the tea earlier helps. I slept like a rock. I woke up around 5 am to pee but went back to bed.

I set my alarm for 6:30 & low and behold I woke up at 6:30 no snooze till 6:45. However I still am going for 4:30. My energy level is slowly increasing however I must say I was exhausted today!!! I totally thought I was prepared for my day and I kind of blew it! I didn't fall off the whole 30 but my choices were poor and I think I ate from 4-9.

Meal 1: 7:15 am black coffee.

8:30 am 3 muffins today I grabbed 3 muffins hoping that would help get me to lunch less hungry. Something went horrible wrong after I ate my 3rd muffin 1)I wasn't full 2) I wanted more food 3) the water wasn't helping. I went for a 15 minute walk on my break at 10 am. Normally I can push through till 1pm but I ate my second meal at 12 on the dot.

Meal 2: 12:00 pm 1 chicken thigh and I only had a half a cup of left over veggies and I went off and forgot my salad...day is just getting worse and worse... So lunch didn't fill me up either! And worse now I want something sweet. I went to the break room and grabbed a small bag of baby carrots ate those and of course that did nothing but make me want more...my mind was like TEASE!

Here is were it's went south wayyyyy down south.... I had to go to sprouts to get my grass fed meats for my week 2 since Sunday is my food prep day for the week and I am not working tomorrow so I won't be close to that area and don't want to make another trip.. I grabbed some lar bars for emergency only (ingredients are dates and cashews) & raw macadamia nuts. Plus all the stuff I needed. I paid, left, got in my car and than all hell broke loose! The sugar dragon came on with a vengeance. I downed my water, I ate my sticks of my grass fed turkey jerky, and than I caved I literally pulled over on the side of the road and ate two lar bars before I got my seatbelt on and put my car back into drive. Even though they are whole 30 compliant I feel guilty because I didn't want to feed the sugar dragon sweets and I want to get out of my snack habit.

Meal 3: the last three of my egg muffins since I was full from my binge I had to force myself to eat.

Good night. To a better tomorrow! Stupid effing dragon!

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Yeah, watch yourself with those Larabars.  While the ingredients are all on the W30 approved list, they really are a sugar bomb.  I think you realize all of this already so I don't need to say much.


It looks like you've been doing well.  The meal prepping in advance seems to be working for you :)  And it's well worth it.

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I don't think the sugar dragon was entirely to blame for those larabars. You need to eat a lot more at meals. Like Chris suggested you probably need additional vegetables with your egg muffins. I'm a small female and I regularly eat 3-4 whole eggs for my first meal with a pile of veggies. I almost always eat 2 chicken thighs when I have them. Keep working on finding the right spot in the food template for you and I suggest planning high and eating low rather than the other way around. So plan for the high end of the meal template at every meal (2 palms of protein, 3 cups of veggies, 2 servings of fat) and if you find you are full before you finish that save the leftovers (just don't leave all of something for last) for a mini meal if you need it. This battle is about being well prepared. You can win it!

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Day 5:Jan 24th

Thank you for the advice I slept OK last night. Woke up to a crying baby around 3am. I'm hosting my friends baby shower tomorrow which is going to be the biggest challenge yet but I've mentally prepared myself and I've got my own foods already made so I'm not too worried about it. It's the sherbert punch I'm worried about the most!!!!

Energy levels were low today and concentration was way off. I was a total scatter brain today. I had to even call my husband today to ask him what the freaking house code was...is that normal? Kind of freaked me out a bit considering I am an accountant! Forgetting number shouldn't happen?

being home today helped.

Meal 1: toad in the hole from nom nom paleo I ate both sides and it completely filled me up and kept me full until 2:15 since I was out running around like a crazy person planning this party.

Snack:apple chips and a handful of dried organic fruit. 1 piece of free range turkey jerky.

Meal 2: tuna sald with olive oil and 1/2 avocado. I had 2 servings of that.

Meal 3: I had a stacked handful of pork loin, butternut squash mixed with kale & spinach & side salad with citrus vinaigrette (nom nom paleo).

I still am upset with myself for snacking...I really just want to get my body used to 3 meals a day. Today I wasn't even hungry I just did it, well I don't know why I did it which is bad I know.

Because of all the running around planning I've been going to bed way past my 8:30 bed time and I didn't drink enough water today.

I had another binge eating dream last night which was weird. I hate feeling quilt for crap I didn't do. It's like a horrible manipulative boyfriend! Lol this Franken food crap they put in foods really has a hold of me. I can't wait to finally break free!

Good night

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I still am upset with myself for snacking...I really just want to get my body used to 3 meals a day. Today I wasn't even hungry I just did it, well I don't know why I did it which is bad I know.



No need to beat yourself up about it.  You're only 5 days in to a different way of eating. Sounds like you're still snacking out of habit, vs. hunger, which is normal at this stage.


You get your body used to 3 meals a day by teaching it, one meal at a time.


Just keep following that template at every meal. Start watching for hunger cues, if any, in between. If you feel yourself wanting to grab a snack but you know you're not hungry, do something else. Call a friend, knit, walk around the block, whatever, Sip on coffee, tea, broth, etc.

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Day 0: jan 27th

Day 1 seems to be the easiest or maybe it's because I've done it already and no what to expect. The only thing I have coming up is my hubby's bdY and valentines day but I figure I can make dinner on V-Day and for his bday we can bbq.

I'm bummed I failed and to be honest it wasn't even worth it. Her grandma was in town and she is a chef even cooked with Julian Child so I couldn't pass up the opportunity.. But I regretted it so much I couldn't even enjoy it.

Meal 1: 3 eggs scrambled with sauté veggies completely filled me up.

Meal 2: tuna salad with mixed veggies and half avocado. This has to be my favorite go to quick meals. Very satisfying.

Meal 3: shepards pie (well fed) . This was the best thing iveevere eaten. My taste buds are happy and my tummy is full!

Going to bed good night

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Day 1 Jan 29th:


I just realized it didn't post so I am just going to write in what I ate... I wonder where I posted it, I did it from my phone so who knows.????  


Meal 1: 3 scrambled eggs w/veggies


Meal 2:  L/O shepards Pie


Meal 3:  Whole chicken and eggplant ricotta stacks (nom nom paleo)


Day 2: jan 29th

No your right physibeth!!! I didn't fail and I won't fail!!! I'm in control! Full of energy all day but got cranky out of the blue around 5pm. I just let everyone know I was angry and didn't know why. I have a smart family they kept their distance lol.
Slept good last night someone text me at 5:30 am I felt wide awake and could have gotten up for the day but since I didn't have to work I slept in till 7:30.

Meal 1: 10:30 I know that's late but I got super busy. 4 prosciutto egg wraps (nom nom paleo) and side of saute spinach. Filled me up and was delicious.

Meal 2: 2:45 last bit of my left over Shepard pie...goodbye Shepard pie I love you and will miss the mouth watering taste in my mouth!!!!!

Meal 3: beef and pumpkin stew! Mouth watering (had 2 bowls).

One thing is for sure I LOVE THE FOOD SO FAR...I WILL NEVER BELIEVE A SOUL WHO SAYS THEY ARE BORED WITH THE FOOD NOOOOO WAY! I have 4 kids and work full time and commute 2 hours a day if I can do this anyone can do this....The kids love the dinners I make too..

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Day 3: Jan 29th

Slept horrible and woke up feeling like I just got out of a coma....was stuck in that funk all day too...Super weird

Still super gasy & bloated. Belly seems to be growing and it's starting to worry me.

Meal 1: 3 prosciutto egg muffins

Meal 2: L/O beef and pumpkin stew small bag of baby carrots

Meal 3: thai curry chicken w/kabula squash. (Nom nom paleo)

Handful of trail mix & hot tea.

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Day 4: Jan 31

I only woke up 1x last night and slept better than I have in a while. Set my alarm for 5:00 am to make my Kalua pig but hit snooze and slept until 5:30! I seemed to pop right up....THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME PEOPLE!! Still shooting for 4:30 morning but I am making progress!!!

I wanted a glass of vino soooo badly this evening but I put a movie on and made some tea and the craving seemed to fade. I also craved for nasty baby cookies that I know I don't like which was weird! I wanted to take a sip of my husband's beer and I'm not even a beer drinker...I thought maybe I'm craving the carbonation so I drank a Croix and felt better. I'm craving something chocolaty and sweet right now. Hope this all passes soon... cravings suck.

Meal 1: your gana be mad but I went off and left my freaking breakfast at home all they had a work were bananas and coffee cake I chose the banana. So mad at myself I cannot believe I forgot my breakfast. I don't have to start over right?

Meal 2: l/O beef and pumpkin soup over zoodles and some snap peas.

Meal 3: Kalua pig (best dish ever husband LOVE IT) pineapple cauliflower rice (WF) and Brussel sprouts.

Still gasy. Belly is still growing. I'm fearing that I won't be fitting in my pants tomorrow...It's making me kind of not want to continue????? The only thing keeping me going is that I woke up feeling so good this morning.

Suggestions????? Am I eating the wrong things to lose weight? Am I eating too much??? Will this pass???? Mediator????

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Still gassy and bloated this morning! I read the whole 30 timeline and I'm going to push through this and see if I don't feel better at some point in week 2. I just hope I don't gain weight I'm really tempted to weigh myself but I know me and if the scale has even went up 1 # ill quit so ill just wait till the bloating goes away. If at the end of week 2 it's still there I may need to check back in and get some opinions on my diet!

Day 5: February 1st ONLY 5 more months to Hawaii and being in a bathing suit for pictures/public!!!!

Went to bed a little later than planned trying to make my bedtime 8:30 when I put the baby down! Slept good I didn't wake up in the middle of the night at all which was nice. Set my alarm for 5:30 being a Saturday morning my brain knew to sleep in so I woke up groggy and shut it off and slept till 7:45 :( going to star incorporating some sort of exec rise back into my life I was sick for two weeks and than I took this week off because I've been super tired and us energized! So I'll try a light run today and tomorrow and than back to crossfit I go on Monday! Can't wait to be back. I'm sure they think I quit.

Meal 1: French omelette with left over Kailua pig and Brussels sprouts. Filled me up and I'm ready to start my day. This filled me up, was by far my favorite breakfast & kept me satisfied until meal 2!

Meal 2: 4oz wild smoked salmon, chopped tomato, onion, cilantro, & 1/2 avocado drizzled with lemon Chesapeake Tennesse dressing wrapped in nori. Definitely kept me full until meal 3.

Snack: had 4 fork full bites of sauerkraut to see if it would help my stomach bloating.

Meal 3: paleo chatanmushi (1 8 oz cup) I really didn't like this dish much at all and my kids and husband's stomach turned with their first bite with a large side salad and orange vinaigrette dressing. Needless to say they ordered pizza! With 4 dried plums.

I didn't go to the bathroom today so I don't even want to imagine how big my stomach is going to be in the morning....

Still gassy.

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Hang in there. Are you getting enough water? Are you getting enough fat? You might want to lay off raw vegetables and the gassier vegetables for a couple of days and see if that helps. What was in the "trail mix" you had the other day? No need to start over for skipping breakfast but try to be more mindful about it. If you are getting up at 5:30 you should be eating that meal by 6:30....are you going to work that early?


I made the Kalua pig this week too. Yummers! My husband even ate it which was pretty exciting for me as he rarely eats what I cook.

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I don't think I am getting enough water. I'm only drinking about 24-48 oz a day so I'll make sure I try and double that. I will lay off the raw veggies and cauliflower for a while and see if that helps.

Oh I forgot you asked what's in the trail mix it's organic trail mix. Dried cranberries, raisins, cherries, cashews, sunflower seeds, & macadamia nuts

Ya my husband said the Kalua pig was amazing too.

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Day 6: Feb 2


I slept like crap last night.  Tossed and turned all night so I pretty much can say I didn't get my full 8 hours.  I wanted to wake up at 5:00AM but slept till 7:20 AM and woke up feeling like I was waked over the head by a 2x4!  UGGGHHH.  I can't wait for the awesome nights sleep and the just pop up out of bed mornings!!!


Meal 1: French omlette w/kalua pig and Brussels sprouts. 


Meal 2: The rest of my pineapple cauliflower pilaf w/the rest of the kalua pig


Snack:  Apple pie Larabar (I went to a super bowl party and brought the bar in case I was tempted with any of the treats laid out of the table.  I was so I reached in my bag ate my larabar got in my car without telling anyone and came home and finished watching the game by myself LOL).  Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!!!!  


Meal 3:  Pork shoulder marinated in the crock pot all day with homemade chili verde sauce, and a side salad w/paleo ranch dressing (nom nom).


3 dried plums.  


I think with me being out with a crap load of food in my face today I did great!!!!  I know I can do this!


Good night.

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Day 7: 2/3

So I slept horrible again last night. Tossing and turning... UGHHH When does this end. I am also having the worst time ever falling asleep. I think I lay there for a good 1.5 hours before I actually fall asleep only to wake up 2-3 hours later because I'm uncomfortable or I have to pee.

Since to day is my 1 week anniversary being a whole30'er I would like to set some new goals for myself this week!

1) go to the gym 6 times this week

2) no more nuts or fruits unless it's on my salad and that does not mean to load my salad with them!

3) no larabars (or however you spell them) I'm starting to crave them and it's going against my whole purpose here!

4) be more mindful of my fat portions at each meal. I think I have been quadrupling the recommended 2 servings :(

5) write in my journal earlier so I can go to bed earlier; which means you may not see meal 3 until the next day :)

6) stick to 1 handful for my protein

So to scratch day 1 off my goal sheet I made it to the gym this morning. I did an hour of R.I.P.P.E.D. I had a ton of energy for not being at the gym in almost 4 weeks. I finished, and felt fantastic afterwards.

Meal 1: 2 cups black coffee as I rolled myself out of bed this morning. French omlette (3 eggs) some left over pork and some veggies

Meal 2: large salad w/paleo ranch and left over pork.

Meal 3: big - of bacon burgers with roasted mushroom bun, avocado, tomato, butter lettuce, sweet potato chips and side sald with paleo ranch.

I'm going to start writing my journals earlier in the day so I can eat dinner unwind a bit (without my face being in a computer) and go to bed. I think part of my problem is I spend the last hour of my evening writing to you guys and than try and go to bed...IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT j/k.

Day 7 done!!!!! I am super exhausted this evening I can barely keep my eyes open I'm going to put the baby to bed and go pass out. Hope I sleep through the night.

The start of week 2 tomorrow....ya

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Day 8: 2/4

Slept like crap again...for starters I think it took me over 3.5 hours to fall asleep (I have always had trouble with waking up to pee, but I have always been one to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow but since I've started the whole 30 those days seem to be long gone) mediator?????????

Secondly, I woke up three seperate times tossing and turning

Thurdly, I woke up in a cold sweat around 4:30 am shut my alarm off and went back to bed and woke up at 6 am dragged myself out of bed. I've noticed in the timeline I should be getting better sleep habits around now and the bloating should be going away and it's not at all! Neither is the gas.

I know I am not supposed to weigh myself but because I couldn't button my work pants this morning which are my "fat work pants" because they are generally baggy I got on the scale. I've gained almost 6 pounds. What is going on??? Thoughts CFChris.

Meal 1: 3 eggs to make omlette and the rest of my left over sweet potato veggies

Meal 2: 3 hamburger patties l/O from dinner last night sooooo good. And salad with orange vinaigrette dressing (nom nom paleo)

Meal 3: 2 chicken lime & cilantro tostedos (stupid easy paleo) so good. 4 dried plums

No craving...filling full and satisfied after meals which is good so I see progress there. Still very tired today. I started my monthly which could be where the bloating was coming from. Through my scale in the garage and told my husband to hide it.

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Monthly visit could be the reason for everything you are experiencing. I generally find I sleep worse the week before my period and I usually feel more bloated. 


Good job exiling the scale.


I apologize if you answered this question before, but what are the biggest differences between Whole30 and how you were eating before. That might help us make some suggestions. For example if this is a lot more protein than you are used to than you might want to try digestive enzymes for a while to help your body adjust its digestion. If you were eating a lot of dark chocolate before you might need to supplement with magnesium and/or up your dark leafy greens. Just some examples.

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