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kale smoothie?


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No, sorry, smoothies are discouraged on a Whole30.  The idea is to chew your food vs. drink it, as chewing is more satiating.

A better choice would be to have a 3 egg omelette or frittata with 1-3 cups of kale, topped with 1/2 - full avocado. This satisfies the meal template.  


You get 1-2 daily servings of fruit, where a fruit serving is the size of your fist. If you're still hungry after the egg/kale/avocado, have a serving of fruit.

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Where did the "meal template" go?  I clicked on the link and it said it could not be found.


It's here. This topic is two years old, there were some server changes since then -- I guess the link didn't update.


You can also find the meal template and other helpful items if you go to the top of the page and click on Whole30, then on that list that pops up, click Downloads. Meal template, shopping list, sneaky sugars list, additives cheat sheet, all kinds of stuff is there.

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