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Over-snacking on Nuts & dried fruit//digestive distress?


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I am on day 26, and for the past week, I've been working insanely long and stressful hours, which has ruined any possibility of sticking to the 3 meal template.

While all meals have been following the template, I have been trying to also remain on program with snacking. I generally reach for nuts (fat) and hard boiled eggs or grapefruit (protein).

My stomach is like an ocean, tossing and turning (and churning) for the past 5-7 days. Honestly, a few if those nut snacks have been Primal Pacs, which contain dried fruit.

Could the concentration of sugar in the fruit be flipping my tummy? Too much fat from the nuts?

I have been toasting coconut shreds and sprinkling that in with cashews and macadamia nuts, is it too much coconut?

I know we aren't all doctors or experts, but I'll happily accept advice or insight from anyone with experience to draw from!

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I used to eat nuts regularly, and started eating coconut as part of whole30... after a few weeks I realised my stomach doesn't cope well with nuts and coconut and adding in dried fruit as well is a disaster. So I eat them much less frequently now. These foods are really hard to digest for some people

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