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Damn Lipton Tea!


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Hi guys,


I'm asking this actually for a friend who is doing the Whole30 with me, because she was very upset over this the other day (which I totally understand)


She realized on day 27 (!!!) that the tea that is provided in her office, has sugar in it. It's the plain Lipton green tea, and during her workweek she's been drinking this every day. 


It actually became clear after a TV program revealed this about Lipton the other day, and Lipton has also officially made a statement about it after this program on their website (translation summary)


One cup of 100ML Lipton Green tea Sencha contains 0,15 grams of sugar, so in order to ingest 1 gram of sugar, you need to drink 7 cups of Lipton Green tea.


Again, she was quite upset, since she followed the Whole30 to a tee, should she start over again, or are these amounts negligible? Thanks!

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You'll have to wait for a moderator to see what their answer is.


But, personally I feel like a bit of sugar as an added ingredient that you were totally unaware of isn't the same as a bag of sweets.

And even if it doesn't count as a proper Whole 30, she should still be proud of herself for what she's accomplished.


I'd maybe consider staying off sugar for another month if having a whole month sugar free was important to me, but not for sugar.


Just wanted to add though, that I was drinking some Tetley's green tea that really aggravated my digestion earlier this year.  I had another look at the label and it said it may contain wheat, dairy and/or soy, so you do need to be careful with teas.

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deep breath. I don't think including this tea made a huge negative impact on her whole30 results. It is not the same as having a "negligible" amount of gluten or dairy or soy, and it is not the same as knowing that there was sugar and consuming it anyway during the whole30.


I took vitamin D supplements throughout my first whole30 that had rice bran oil, without even thinking about it or knowing it. Since then I've done whole30s completely "clean" but that first one was still good.


I would suggest your friend seek out some sugar-free green tea and try that, and sure, consider a specifically sugar-free 30 days if sugar issues are still plaguing her, but she should be proud of what she has done so far. tea or no tea.

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