Frozen cubes of mango. SOOOO Good! So simple.


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It's like ice cream, but so much better! Just happened upon this. Last year, hen mango season was ending, I bought up all of the mangoes I could manage and cubed them and froze them. I thought I'd use them for smoothies. I kind of forgot all about them as they were in the spare freezer in the garage and I rarely use that thing. 


No smoothies on the Whole 30, but as it happens, who cares?!?


So today I go back there for something, see the mango, think i'll thaw them and do something or another with them, but ate one frozen cube from the bag. Oh. My. God. So good! It's like a cube of lovely perfect mango sorbet, but there's NOTHING on the thing. It's just mango. Turns out when mango cubes freeze, they don't get like an ice cube at all. They maintain some chew. Just enough to make eating a frozen cube of mango a thing of gastronomic perfection! Better than ice cream by a mile.


Give it a try and see if you don't agree. Pure food. Just cold. What a find.

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Use a sharp knife to peel it. I score it all the way through to the pit first one way all around, and then another all around (tip to tip), so it's quartered. Then I get the tip of the knife under one of the tips and more or less peel it down, and just do that with the four quarters. Some kinds of mango aren't as cooperative.


And then I just cut the meat of the fruit away from the pit. It's not gorgeous. The pit isn't as cooperative as an avocado pit. It wants to cling. But you just cut away.



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My kiddos eat frozen mango all the time! I buy bags of it, already frozen. But google how to cut it up if you want to use fresh, there is a very easy way that involves cutting of each side, scoring it to the skin and then slicing off the chunks.

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