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Finishing my Whole30

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Well, the day I thought would NEVER get here has arrived. Today is DAY 30!!! I am so proud and surprised that I was able to do this without a cheat. I am not sure why things clicked for me this time around because I am the queen of rationalization.

anyway, I just wanted to kind of report on my observations after the 30 day period {and yes, I realize that the 30th day is not technically over but I think I can manage one more clean meal ;) I just want to make sure that my experience was normal because I am not experience drastic and lifechanging breakthroughs.

**I don't have cravings for bad stuff. But if someone mentions something, for example, a cupcake with cream cheese icing, that does sound good to me. Is the Whole30 supposed to make stuff sound gross to you? Or is the difference that you just can more easily refuse the things that you once wouldn't have thought twice about.

**My skin looks great! No breakouts and I have a little glow.

**My workouts have been stronger. I can see a little more definition in my arms and abs

**I don't think I've lost any weight or really leaned out that much...which was not my main goal but is kind of frustrating

**I look forward to trying new vegetable recipes...I haven't eaten this well in a long time

**I don't plan on returning to my former ritual of having a couple of glasses of wine a night. I find tea to be just as relaxing

**I feel in control of my food choices and not anxious about eating {this is huge as a former bulimic}

**My energy is still kind of normal. The last couple of days I have been a little sluggish...but I've been outside in 100 degree heat for 3 hours the past two days working a soccer camp

**My eczema has flared up more so than before. The only thing that has been suggested that makes sense is that i may have an intolerance to eggs. It's not painful or that noticeable and can be controlled with steroid cream...so I'm not sure I want to throw eggs out.

Anyway, I wanted to be bouncing off the walls with energy at this point but that isn't happening. Maybe I'll extend it a few more days? Any feedback on my results would be appreciated! I have learned so much from all of the people on this forum. You're all AWESOME!!!

Stephanie (:

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Some people continue to be attracted to unhealthy foods for a long time. That's normal. What changes is your ability to make a decision about what you want to do. The Whole30 opens the door to choices that went unconsidered before.

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That's good to know, Renee! I have kind of decided that I'll eat Whole30 style during the week and maybe have a couple of Paleo treats on the weekend...like pancakes or something. Hopefully that will help keep me on track!

Today I put heavy cream in my coffee and some cheese in my tuna. Can't really tell if it's going to mess me up or not yet. I didn't miss either of these things but wanted to see if I really do have a dairy intolerance. I thought that if I feel crappy when I eat dairy that it will help my resistance if I'm tempted....if that makes sense at all. ha. But I don't plan on going back to dairy after today.

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