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Help please :(


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Yesterday was my day 12 and after being strict throughout something stupid happened.....I had a cup of coffee with milk and 6 ( yes I know but please don't beat me while I am down ) custard creams. I felt ok till early morning then felt sick, I managed to sleep.

This morning I woke up with I suspected was food poisoning but so far no sick or temp just the other end :(

Is this a delayed detox? I feel like i have really bad flu. The thought of food or water makes me feel sick. I need and instant cure and betting there isn't one.

I shall never do it again if this is how you feel!

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I'm sorry you're feeling so horrible.

I'm thinking your body didn't like the dairy in the milk and/or gluten in the custard creams.  Instead of a delayed detox, you may be getting a preview of dairy or gluten reintroduction.  :( 

My suggestion would be to get back on the wagon and re-commit to 100% Whole30 eating for 30 consecutive days. My hunch is you should start feeling better today or tomorrow. Maybe have some tea or bone broth to help settle your stomach?


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Will drinking lots of water help flush it out faster ? I don't have bone. Broth but plenty of herbal tea


Yes, drinking a lot of water might help you feel better faster. 


Now would also be a good time to think about what happened. You didn't trip and fall into the custard creams, you chose to eat them. Why? Was it a stressful day at work? Did you let yourself get overhungry or over tired? Sometimes it helps to plan strategies in advance to deal with whatever triggers this kind of behavior. If you have a plan in mind (try something like: when I get stressed at work I'm going to walk around the block and call my friend on my cell phone to vent, or whatever works for you), it will be easier in the moment to just do what you have planned and move on.

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Ohhh, ukpaleogirl,


I am sorry you're feeling so yucky.  Missmary is right.  Think about what triggered this

so you can be prepared should the same situation present itself again.  Life is life, so you

know it is very probable.  


The good thing is that you DID make it through 11 clean days!  Even better perhaps, is that you

came asking for support instead of just throwing in the towel.  You can do this!   :)


Best wishes to you!

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