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22 days going strong but craving sweets

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Ok, I did not notice this in the timeline.

But I am at day 22, and no I don't have a headache today, so I figure my blood sugar is fine...

Yet I am craving orange juice, or apple juice or something sweet.

I have done really well following the meal plan.

Only change was I added Larabars over a few days because I was travelling.

Did the Larabars cause this?

Or is this normal??

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Hi TJ2650!!!   


Whatever you do, DO NOT eat anything sweet during this craving period!  

It Starts with Food advises wisely, the only way to beat the sugar dragon is

to starve it.  Remember that sugar is sugar.  Maybe give yourself a few days 

to get over the craving for sweet before you give the dragon even an innocent

taste of fruit.  


You are doing AWESOME!!!! Keep it up!   :D

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Good to see you still posting TJ. Not seen you around for a while. I bought some larabars (Nakd in UK) and they didn't do me any good at all :(  Stay strong and maybe cut out fruit and sweet potatoes for a day or so. I am on Day 22 also and for some reason I fancied some chocolate this morning. I don't eat the sweet stuff but prefer 85%. So I am not sure if that's a sugar craving. I am thinking it may be linked to the cold that has developed since I got back home this afternoon - sore and tight throat, bunged up nose and a stinking headache. Maybe there is something in chocolate that my body wants to help fight the cold. It's not getting it!! 

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