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10 signs you might be a sugar addict


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A little humor for fellow sugar addicts....


10 signs you might be a sugar addict:


1.  After a meal, you sneak into the kitchen to find something sugary.  When you discover there isn't anything ‘appropriate', you grab the little honey bee bear, flip your head back, open wide and fill your mouth with honey.  No honey?  Then you go to the fridge and follow the same procedure with the redi-whip can.


2. You have dessert after each meal, including breakfast and snacks, as well as some desserts.


3. When you buy a bag of M&Ms, you buy a second so the first one won't be lonely (huh????)


4. You can fall asleep at any time of the day and you often do. 


5. You think Peeps and candy corn taste good.


6. When passing the peanut butter M&Ms in the checkout line, you flip them the bird for taunting you.


7. Your cholesterol screening is sky high.  When the doctor asks you if you fasted beforehand, you reply, “Of course, I only had water just like you said…and a bag of M&Ms on the way over cuz I was starving.â€


8. More than once, you have tried Baker's Chocolate to see if it will give you a sugar fix.  And chances are you will try it again just to be sure you missed something the first three times.


9. You consider yourself a human pez dispenser.  You unwrap a pack of PEZ candy and insert the whole stack at one time into your mouth.  Although, unlike you, the PEZ dispenser actually shares.


10. You hide what you eat from friends and family.


And yes, in the past I've done every single one of these and more.  But there is hope!  Keep working at it.

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#11. You go out to dinner and can't decide what to order because all you can find on the menu is molten lava cake.

By the way, not to tempt you if you are doing a whole30 but I do have a gluten free version of this that is AWESOME! Add a little coconut ice cream and you are set for a chocolate coma.

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