I am Feeling so Guilty!


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My husband did not choose to do the Whole30 with me which made it a lot harder.  Smelling his morning cinnamon raisin toast was difficult.  He will eat the compliant dinners I cook, but doesn't want to give up his morning cereal and toast or his Chunky soup, chips, cheese, sandwiches, cookies et. al.


I feel guilty watching him continue to eat the junk while I treat myself to good whole food.  Even though I have shared all the positive health improvements that I have experienced, he doesn't see that as applying to himself.  He takes a Nexium every day.  It kills me...or, rather, it could be killing him.



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I feel guilty when I cook pasta for my kids. I look at that pale dough on their plates and then I look at my colorful plate full of meat/fish, sweet potato and vegetables. I feel like I am selling them short by giving in to their wishes for Standard Chow. But they are tiny, uneducated creatures and I am responsible for their food intake. 


My husband on the other hand is a grown man who makes his own decisions. He chooses to eat mostly paleo, but when he dives into the ice cream tub I am not going to lecture him. I'd go nuts if he lectured me when I have decided some off roading is about to happen.


You are not responsible for your husbands food choices. I am sure the fact that he is eating your dinners will give him at leaste some health benefits. And maybe it will make him realize how good he feels after eating real food and be the eye opener that will eventually, gradually make him choose real food more often?

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