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Whole30 Compliant Heartburn Help

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Hi all,


I re-started my W30 yesterday and I'm determined to finish 30 days this go.


Late in the afternoon, I was hit with an acute attack of heartburn/gastritis. In desperation, I ate a bunch of Pepcid, which I know is not W30 compliant, but was the best I could do. And it didn't even work! I finally called my doc who recommended Prilosec. That eased the pain enough that I could sleep.


My question is: why my gut is sorting itself out, what can I do to ease heartburn? The BRAT diet is a no-go here. I'd like to avoid medications as much as possible. 


Is there a food that I could eat that would help with heartburn?





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It would help if you listed what you are eating.


Here are foods that can aggravate heartburn.


Spicy Foods


Acidic Foods, tomatoes, peppers



Soft drinks, anything carbonated




In addition, eating too much at one sitting, eating right before bedtime (you should try raising the head of your bed) exercising right after eating, wearing tight clothes can all cause problems.


I am actually on a low acid diet. I have a history of GERD and now have issue with my throat. Unfortunately I also have to take Prilosec, which I try to avoid, for a few weeks.

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Thank you for the list of foods to watch out for. 


I did ask my husband (who is our cook) to cut the salsa from the morning eggs and have felt better today. I did consume a fair bit of alcohol the evening before at a wedding, so that probably didn't help. The whole30 food day 1 was pretty ordinary--eggs, sweet potatoes, broccoli slaw, salad with turkey and egg, tuna salad with home made mayo and carrots. 


Is there anything you eat that soothes your stomach when it's upset? Or is it all about avoidance of the foods that aggravate the condition?

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Licorice is good and can coat the stomach. Now you can't buy the licorice in the supermarket (plus it would be non-complliant). But if you can find DGL in the health food store, that is what you need. It's not a candy, but licorice extract. The long name is deglycyrrhizinated licorice. It lacks  a compound that can cause problems in large doses, so taking that out eliminates that issue. You chew the tablets, which have a slight licorice taste, but are not sweet and it can help calm down your stomach.

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