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need some advice

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Guys, i finished my wole30 on 15 April, I continued after that with paleo eating (didnt do reintro  except for gluten because i was happy with not eating sugar, legumes dairy etc again-- due to intolerance ) I had a few chocolate eggs at easter and have had One cheat meal since 15/4 and one mocha w soy milk about 10 days ago. I crossfit 5 times a week (i do okay at crossfit and feel great when im working out) on my days off i try walk for a little bit. 

In the last two  weeks.. i have  been 


- tired at 3pm

- extremely emotional, almost depressed id say. My emotions are up and down

- sleeping funny, bad nightmares, wake up randomly at 4am and cant sleep, then sleep for an hour before i need to get up and feel super tired etc

- my stomach is more bloated and while i haven't weighed so cant tell if i have gained weight or not, i am certain i have.. My measurements are slightly more around my tummy etc  My ass has definitely gained some extra padding... 

- I am sometimes completely put off by food and other times starving like i havent eaten all day.


I have been compliant even when on paleo, i am "whole30" . I am at a point where i am fed up of feeling this way yet eating clean.. 
I eat the right amount i think, according to whats recommended. I snack before and after WOD. I eat healthy fats with my meals. 
The only thing i can be critical off is fruit. I eat a banana in the morning with my breakfast and most likely an orange after dinner. sometimes when i am starving before a WOD i will have another piece of fruit. 

The reason i started the whole30 is that i suspected i had a gluten intolerance but wanted to be sure. I was always lactose intolerant. and relied on sugar way too much for energy. so i wanted to kick those habits. BUT i wanted to lean up. I am 142pounds (roughly) and 5'4. I have a curvy body naturally (hourglass i guess you would call it) but i wanted to lean up on my tummy, upper abs and wanted to lose a little bit of my boobs (i know sounds crazy but they are F so i can afford to lose a cup or two). 

While after my first Whole30 i lost some cms off my waist, hips tummy ass. I dont think i was able to keep it that way and just a week or two of paleo eating with a few  treats here and there, i expanded. I am now at the point where I am not sure what to do.. I have had my thyroid tested and no issues there. 
I am not overly stressed. My work can be full on but i have a good attitude to leaving it behind in the office (im Australian hehehe) i rarely work on weekends, unless its absolutely necessary. I am not stressed out. but this frustration is consuming me... 

Any advice..? 

I am sorry for the long post. i am hoping someone out there can have some tips, hints, has this happened to anyone else? I am nearly ready to give up and go back to having a chai latte when i please... hanging by a thread... 


thanks all. Much appreciated. 



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i should say that i have analysed everything i eat in case there is something in my food that had sugar etc but there has been nothing iv slipped up on. in my little experiment i did find that i get super bloated after eating watermelon.. :( 

I also have noticed that i am getting some tiny little pimples that go away by the end of the day. (something that didnt happen before) 


ok thats it for now. :) 

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I, too, am 5'4" and curvy, and 142 is lower than any adult weight I've been able to achieve. I've given up the idea of washboard abs and not needing to buy my bras at specialty stores in favor of gratitude for what others have pointed out is an enviably sexy and feminine form.

Ok, so that doesn't address your question, exactly, but it may be worth considering that you might be aiming for something your body was never meant for.

I've also learned that my body is incredibly sensitive to fructose, so I've pretty much cut out fruit to positive effect. It's no healthier than straight refined sugar for me, especially when not balanced with protein and fat. You might try getting back to super clean template eating for a stretch and cutting fruit (and maybe nuts too as they're a culprit) to see what happens.

Also, an observation: your frustrations about this are most certainly causing you stress.

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Lady M makes some excellent points.


I will add one thought - soy causes some freakishly weird reactions in people, and it will stay in the system for a while.  So even though you had a soy 10 days ago it *could* be still affecting you.  One of the side effects to soy is being extremely emotional, tired, weepy, and depressed.  Combine that with sugar - and you mess up your hormones some more. For us ladies this becomes a bit of a balance and battle with the hormones.

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I found that I had to really simplify my diet, keep a log including my feedback after each meal as to how I felt. Simplifying allowed me to identify that I am super sensitive and emotionally reactive to coconut and eggs which were two staples In my Whole30 plan. I felt as though I had poisoned myself after day three of isolating coconut. So my suggestion (on the heals of the other two ladies expert advice) is to try to find the foods that you are sensitive to and eliminate them. These sensitives wreaked havoc on my moods too. I am sad to have to say good bye to two of my favorites but I can not bear the consequences of eating them any longer. And be kind to your body as Lady M said. I am also a curvy 5'4" and am aiming to get back to 145# which is a very healthy weight for us. Rejoice, you've already made it!

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Thanks Guys, I very much appreciate your advice on this. I am everyday trying to work out what it is that is causing me to feel this way, by cutting out some of the things i eat everyday. So far iv come up with watermelon, can only eat it on an empty stomach otherwise i feel bloated and tired and not with it.  I will try the same with eggs which is something i eat everyday. 


Thanks Carlaccini for the info on Soy, i didn't realise it stayed in your system that long and could very well be it. After how iv been feeling im going to think twice before having any drinks with soy milk again. 

Lady M; that is what my husband thinks, i am stressing by obsessing.. its a valid point and i am really trying to just let it go. But it is disheartening to think just because i am curvy i will always have some fat on my upper abs... especially when i train so hard and eat so well. I know i should be grateful, i have something a lot of women wish they have, but my boobs cause me  back pain and just get in the way while working out. Hehehe  

I am afraid of cutting out fruit.. i love fruit.. to death. i don't know if i can do it. 

I've also noticed that this way of eating has made me super anxious about social situations/events. I dont know if i just lack trust in my self to resist temptation or that I hate having to explain to people. 
I have much to think about... 



thanks again for your replies. 


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