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Day 22- so tired. Zzzzz....

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Hi team,


As I said in the topic, I am on Day 22 and feeling so tired and fuzzy/out of it/ dragging that you would think it was day 5.  From Day 17-20, I felt great but the last two days or so have been really rough.  Here's some food for thought:



Breakdfast: 1 Hot dog, about 1/3 c. guac, 1 c. cucumber and carrots, handful raspberries, sweet potato "chips."  Tea with coconut milk.


Lunch: Paleo bowl from Laughing Planet (green beans, beef, zucchini, onions, some kind of compliant pesto-y sauce)


Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with olive oil, 1/2 sweet onion, 1/4 head asparagus, about 5 grilled mushrooms. All drizzled with olive oil.


About 65 oz. water.



Breakfast: Chicken breast diced with about a cup of grilled veggies (all leftover from the night before) scrambled with two eggs.  Tea with coconut milk (canned).


Lunch: Same leftover chicken and veggies, with carrots and cucumber (about a handful of each) and mixed fruit.


Snack: Dried peaches, almonds.


Dinner: Beef patty, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapenos with mustard, sweet potato fries (this was at a restaurant, I am suspicious of gluten in the fries).


Water: About 70 oz, which is a bit under what I need but only by about 5 oz.  Slept 8 hours, pretty decent.



2 hardboiled egg salad with mayo, mustard, and spices.  Tea with coconut milk (I know I need more veggies with this one, but it was an emergency and I had to eat what was available).


Lunch: 2 hardboiled egg salad, with remaining grilled veggies (about 3/4 cup).  Small handful of apricots and about 5 almonds.


It is now 2:30, and while I do not feel hungry or "tired full", I am just tired.  


I should add, I am moving and dealing with an immense amount of stress and not having a kitchen has given me some anxiety, but I don't feel that is the sole cause.  I am making a conscious effort to get enough sleep and water, and I just want my Tiger Blood back!  Do we suspect gluten in the fries?  They said it was safe but I am not so convinced.  

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People who are sensitive to gluten can feel "whacked" when they consume any, but the stress of moving and maybe not eating enough sounds like a good explanation of what is happening with you. 

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Ok, thanks Tom.  I did call back to the restaurant, they said they think there might have been some flour on the fries and some alcohol in the mustard.  I am not particularly sensitive to gluten (at least, I haven't been in the past) but I usually only feel tired like this after I eat a great big plate of pasta or a huge burger.  


I am continuing my Whole30 for the summer, with some intermittent breaks for trips and whatnot, so I am not concerned about needing to restart (since I am not planning on "finishing"  :) ) so I will be more careful over the next few days and see how it goes.  


Do you have any recipe recommends for kitchen-less folks like me to use so that I don't have to rely on un-trustworthy servers at restaurants?

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I do have the refrigerator, and as of today I have a working stove.  No oven, no microwave, and very few utensils.  I am currently using a pizza cutter as a knife, because it is all that I could find.


We just moved this week, and before I could unpack anything we had to deal with a leaking pipe that rendered us without potable water.  That is fixed as of today, as well, but I am very limited on space and we now have contractors in the kitchen and basement repairing the damage.  Ahhhh, chaos... if this is my introduction to homeownership, I don't want to play the game!  However, I do have a charcoal grill that has been saving my life.  Thus, why I ate them for two days and why the hardboiled eggs were my only option.   ;)

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I have been making salmon salad and chicken salad every day this week. Here is a sample recipe: http://www.wholelifeeating.com/2012/11/salmon-salad-over-salad-cut-hearts-of-palm/


Today I had chicken salad with canned beets, chopped onion, dried cranberries, dill pickle, pickled jalapenos, half of a red bell pepper, and mayonnaise. I also had salmon salad with the same things except canned artichoke hearts instead of beets and half of an orange bell pepper. 


I had cooked a whole chicken to get my chicken, but you can use canned. 

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