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brain revolting


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So I went from almost no protein to the Whole30. I'm on day 7 and my brain keeps fighting me on the protein for the last 2 days.

Like I have to fight hard to keep from gagging on the scrammbled eggs or the salmon sald I made today. Even before I go to eat my brain starts saying "no, I don't want to eat that". I'm not craving breads or carbs I just am having a hard time getting the protein down.

So my question is do you think this is just a phase of my brain wanting what it normally wants or could it be telling me something serious like I'm eating too much protain?

Here is an example of what I've been eating:

B: 1 salmon & sweet potato patty, homemade mayo, 1 egg, 1 cup romain lettuce

S: 3 dates, 4 almonds

L: 3 salmon & sweet potato balls, salad (2 c. romain lettuc, apple, coconut flakes, carrot, celery)

S: celery sticks w/ almond butter, orange

D: Pea pods, steak (size of palm) and homemade gaucamole

S: 3 dates (before bed low blood sugar

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There is no way that is too much protein, but I think you are too light on veggies. Lettuce is mostly water, so doesn't amount to much. You could use some broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, kale, etc.

I often eat the same thing for two meals per day, but if you don't love it, that makes eating it harder. You might try to give yourself variety at every meal unless you are really looking forward to it.

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I was vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, etc. for many years. Except for beef, which I love, proteins have to be cooked a certain way for me to really enjoy them.

I find that bland proteins (especially eggs) are boring and sometimes make me gag.

I really encourage you to use spices/herbs with abandon, and also learn to make delicious sauces, even for eggs.

Those two changes have helped me enjoy proteins a lot more.

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