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Im on day 5 today. Before starting the Whole30 I had periods of eating lowcarb. Never used to get hungry until around 11am and usually only had 2 max 3 meals a day, never hungry inbetween.

Now, i have woken up in the mornings staaaarving!! I also get faster hungry during the day more often then before. I feel like I eat enough both protins and good fats, so does anyone have any tips? I use coconut oil or ghee when i cook, I have avocado in almost every meal cause I feel this filles me up better but still hungry! Is a typicsl newbie issue? Happy for tips and pointers :)

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Yup, post some examples of your food for a typical day, and we will provide pointers. I can already tell you one thing though: you need to eat more!


You shouldn't be hungry on the whole30, and if you are it means you aren't eating enough. It is seriously that simple. Most people skimp on protein, fat and vegetables in the beginning, so try adding more of those including some starchy veggies in the mix.


Good luck!

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Note: I am sitting down to the computer to do some writing and I typically avoid formal writing periods, so am rambling on this topic before I start. I hope my ramblings help!


If you are hungry, you are almost certainly not eating enough and not eating enough is pretty common when people start a Whole30. We recommend that you follow our meal planning template carefully when composing your meals - http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf


It is okay to wake up starving because we want you to eat breakfast within one hour of waking (and within minutes is good). Waking up hungry is a good sign that your hormones are getting to where they are supposed to be. Trust me, waking up hungry often leads to being sleepy at bed time when you get everything going right. 


Breakfast is not negotiable. You need to eat at least a palm-size portion of protein and a plate full of veggies cooked in plenty of tasty fat. And never eat less than 3 meals per day while doing a Whole30. This is not negotiable. You can eat an extra meal if you need it, but don't eat less. Nourishment is a cumulative thing. If you miss your first meal of the day, it is hard to catch up later even if you eat the same volume of food in two meals that you would have eaten at three. I don't know why this is often true, I just know it is. And if you do not eat enough one day, it has carry over effects the next day...


One of the common mistakes we see is eating token amounts of veggies, especially raw veggies that are mostly air and water (raw salad is high volume for low substance). The idea is to eat a plate full of mostly cooked veggies where the substance matches the volume. Let me explain it like this... You can fill a plate with a big handful of raw spinach, drizzle it with olive oil, and say you are eating your veggies. But if you wilt the spinach in a big skillet with olive oil, one big handful hardly creates 3 bites of food. When you chew raw spinach, it works down to what wilted spinach looks like - little substance. So think in terms of filling your plate with wilted or cooked veggies. You might need three or four big handfuls of spinach to wilt enough to fill a plate. 


Adding avocado frequently is good, but you have options. Olives are another good fat source. And don't shy away from fatty cuts of meat... Eat whole eggs - three or four is probably good. Choose ground meat with higher and not lower fat content. It is harder to get satisfied with ground turkey than with ground lamb. 


The meal template allows for eating two palm-size portions of protein when you are hungry or have been getting hungry between meals. Take advantage of it. 

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Thank you so much for your help!!!

Ive had the mealtemplate in mind for every meal. But i think you might have pointed out the main factor to why im hungry. Im not used to eating breakfast. If i wake up at 6.30 am and go to work, my first meal of the day is not until 11-12. This has not been a problem for me cause I havent been hungry until then. I have keept that "tradition" during my first five days on whole30, but as I said Im sooo hungry way before 11am! This is new to me and thought its just in the beginning.

I will defenetly start having breakfast at home before work from now on! But then I think I will need 4 meals a day. Should everyone be the same size or the last one smaller..?

And by the way, the thing u say about waking up hungry makes u more sleepy at night, Im sooooo tired this evening (its evening in Norway;)) that im about to crash into bed before 11pm on a saturday ;)

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