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Today it started...


Actually, yesterday it started because yesterday is when I cleaned out the fridge, freezer, and pantry, making trips to the trash can and finally to the food bank. Then came a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on appropriate foods. Then I ate some chocolate, because I'm not going to do so for the foreseeable future (as bright-eyed optimist on my first day, I think I'll do  60 days to start with. My brain needs lots of fixing).


So I prepped and didn't let myself get in my way last night. I made my egg white flatties with spinach (egg whites baked in a muffin tin - for some reason, I find this friendlier than hard boiled eggs). I then realized my first Whole 30 error. I don't have the appropriate oils. I will have to address this after my tennis match tonight. I made myself a lovely grass-fed beef patty, which I ate with a carrot and tomatoes. Now it is 3:47 and I could cheerfully gnaw my arm off.


Tonight is the aforementioned tennis match, and dinner of chicken, zucchini (cut all fancy to look like spaghetti), and my homemade marinara (which I happen to have in the freezer and happens to be W30 compliant - yay me!)


I am concerned about getting the appropriate fats in, and getting enough. I'm allergic to most nuts, and have to be careful with anything processed in their general vicinity. I'm VERY open to suggestions.


This plan is part of my plan to hit the "reset" button on my life. It's exciting and scary.



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Many people do not eat enough when they start a Whole30. Study the meal planning template and make sure you eat at least the minimum: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf


We encourage you to eat whole eggs because the best part of the nutrition is in the yolks. And the yolks are a good source of fat. 


We are happy to see people avoid nuts completing during a Whole30. Other sources of fat include avocado, olives, coconut milk, cococut flakes, and fatty cuts of beef, pork, salmon, herring, etc. 

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Thanks Tom! I will definitely need to study up some  more...and do some more shopping. I see that you're in the Atlanta area too...are there any stores that you would recommend as being extra W30 friendly? I have a trip to the Buford Hwy farmer's market planned for Saturday.





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Day two has been a struggle. I definitely need to be eating more. And I DEFINITELY need to eat lunch before 2:30pm!


Like many folks, I have a demanding job with lots and lots of meetings and the foods that I'm bringing aren't really pick-up-and-go (I seem to need a plate, cutlery, etc). Very open to suggestions from others who successfully eat while working in a high-pressure office.


Today's food has been:



4 egg whites with spinach (I will switch to the whole eggs for tomorrow...for today, the flatties were already made)

1 large carrot



1 chicken breast

arugula with balsamic vinegar

grape tomatoes

1 plulot


For dinner (which will need to be fast, because tennis is now tonight - it rained last night) I'll have the remainder of the egg white/spinach flatties, along with broccoli.


I anticipate an early bed time, because I want to snack!

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I get a lot of my food directly from a local farmer and I shop at Whole Foods and Publix for the rest. Publix has improved their organic food offerings lately and I can get a fair selection of things I want to eat there. 

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The theme of day three is HEADACHE. I know - it's normal. I read the book, read the site, read the timeline (I'm a reader). Still not loving the headache.


Things that I've noticed, even just in 3 days...

1) I am going to bed earlier, and feeling like I want to go to sleep at a reasonable hour

2) I feel a little bit of lift in my overall spirits, because I'm doing something for myself

3) I'm a little addicted to the forum


Today's food:



4-egg frittata with spinach and tomatoes (truly delish)



Turkey taco meat (compliant seasoning) I did a "two hands" portion - which I think was too much...I really couldn't eat it all.

shredded lettuce and spinach (spinach is a common theme in my world - I have iron issues and actually like spinach so I figure it's a good way to go!)

yellow tomatoes


I made a batch of springer mtn farms chicken breasts last night, cubed it and froze it, so I will have that tonight, with yellow squash  and zucchini spirals and butternut squash mash.


I did find compliant coconut cooking spray at Fresh Market, and bought my first jar of coconut oil. The smell is a little off putting, like suntan oil in the 80's, but it doesn't seem to transfer too much flavor of coconut.

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So day #4 was riddled with challenges. I had a spinal epidural (for back pain) and had to go in fasting. That wasn't  the bad part (although it did hurt more than I had anticipated. I was so focused on "yes! this is going to make my back feel better" that it really didn't occur to me that having a needle poked into my spine would cause some discomfort. Live and learn)


The bad part was how off balance I felt with food. I wasn't able to eat until after 12 noon and had been up since 6am. I had pre-prepped and had chicken and veggies made (and in my drug induced state made my friend (who drove me to the procedure) stop at the store because I wanted a sweet potato.  So I got the sweet potato...and found compliant bacon and turkey dogs (I also got sausage, but once I had de-fogged, I realized that they listed honey as an ingredient so I gave them to a neighbor. I'm sure they didn't think that was too weird, right??).


So I got home, ate my chicken, veggies, and a sweet potato (which I WAY didn't let cook enough). Then I took a lengthy nap. When I woke up, I could have eaten the coffee table. Not sure if I am in my "eat all the things" phase or if I was just freaking thrown off. I didn't eat anything noncompliant but I did eat a lot. I tried to cook some bacon. And it turns out that I have NO idea how to cook bacon. It all stuck to the bottom of the pan so I just rendered it down and then used some of the bacon grease to cook some eggs. That was pretty tasty. I ate a carrot too and decided that since I was behind anyway, I'd just call that Meal 2. But...about an hour later I made dinner. I started with two turkey dogs, broccoli, and cauliflower. And I was still hungry when I was done so I made two more turkey dogs and basically ate a second dinner. And a nectarine.


Eventually, I just banished myself upstairs so I would stop thinking about eating.


So...didn't eat anything "bad" but still ate too much. And thought about eating WAYYYYY too much. That is the place I want to get to...where I am not thinking about eating a lot.

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