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Too much food..?


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Hi There


Miss Mary is correct - on a whole 30 there are no fillers (well there is - they're just called vegetables) like rice and pasta.  Just good whole unprocessed food.


I chronically under ate at meals.  And yet I was very much overweight.  This was stressing me out because I know I was under eating as I was always hungry. People would be blown away on how little I ate versus how big I was.  Part of it was some not so healthy food choices but nothing obscene and nothing THAT unusual.  Just a pretty high reliance


Within 9 months eating whole 30/paleo I lost 35lbs.  And I am eating far more than I ever did before.  I am also hardly ever "h-angry" (you know so hungry that you are angry)


So relax and follow the template for each meal.  Focus on eating real whole food.  Eat until you're at the point of satiety.  This might take a while to figure out. 

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I agree with the posts above! But also, you're only on day 3 so your mindset hasn't gotten rid of the "eat low-fat to lose weight" and "3 smaller meals plus 2 snacks" way of thinking. These have been engrained in us for decades! Follow the template and have faith in the program. Focus on the physical and mental changes that occur during the next 27 days...log your daily progress so you can reflect later and notice the positive changes.

Enjoy this journey and eat fat! ;-)

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