A new butcher!

Tanya K

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I have been using a butcher nearby where I live for the past 3 months. There were a few niggling things annoying me about the butchers itself, but I worked as a food safety auditor for many many years and I thought perhaps I was a wee bit over the top and let these little things slip!

But I should have gone with my gut. Last week I bought a box a chicken fillets (which I had been told were Irish, but the traceability shows that they were from the Netherlands!! So not Irish then!!). Anyway, got them home and they were stinky!!! So I rang him and he said he would change them etc. Then I had minced pork the other day and that tasted a wee bit sour, not gone off, but on the way! Then yesterday was the last straw! I had bought a large piece of beef for roasting to last for dinner and a couple of lunches. After I had defrosted I thought I smelled something odd, but sometimes beef can be strong smelling, so I cooked it. Took a bite from it then at dinner and it was disgusting!! The taste wouldn't leave my mouth all evening!! And nothing sweet either to take the taste away lol! So, that was the 3rd strike for me.

So last night went looking online for another nearby butchers. Found one :-) about 15 miles away but oh my goodness, so so worth it!! The place is spotless, they have a fish counter and an array of meat cuts that would would make any Paleo smile from ear to ear!! It is a tad bit more expensive and a little further away but my goodness it is worth it. Also, they have their own abattoir right at the back of them!! So, no traveling in trucks with the meat! It just has to come through to the next room!! All locally sourced too. They have own numerous awards too and I can see why!! So chuffed now that I have a butcher that I know will be excellent. :-)

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Yep! For sure :-) Had the pork chops for dinner, from Well Fed 2, ( the fiesta pork chops ) and Greek Broccoli. Think this is one of my favs! Combo of the two is gorgeous. Couldn't quite get it together to do an avocado relish to go with it tonight! Backwards and forwards on the iPad from one recipe to the next had me a little matter hatterish! Lol I am sure after a little whole I will no longer need the recipes.

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