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Homemade nut butters


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I have been experimenting at home with making my own nut butters, and I have found some are a lot easier than others, so thought this would be fun and a handy resource. Bearing in mind all machines may vary, help me make a list of how easy nut butters are to make.

If you have made more than one, use their relative difficulties (time spent processing) to slot it in the list


From easiest to hardest:





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I'm allergic to ALL nuts (cashews, almonds, peanuts, etc) so the only one I have experience making is sunflower seed butter.  I make a jar every 1-2 weeks and I would rate it as a very easy recipe.  The hardest thing is having the patience to grind it down into a butter!  My sunflower seed butter takes 8-12 minutes for 7 servings.  I do this twice to make a full mason jar of butter due to the size of my processor.


I once made coconut butter and that was extremely simple as well.  I  use a Ninja food processor. 

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Not exactly related... but... I used to make my own coconut butter a lot because it was 10-12$ for a 16oz jar at the store.  Then I found this at my local food coop.




It has a bit more fat than the jarred coconut butters (I add to my coconut oil jar that I use as a moisturizer) so really the 7 oz package is maybe 5 oz of coconut butter.  Near me it sells for 2.50 a package.  So three packages is 7.50 - coconut by the pound is $5ish -plus the clean up and time to make it.  So now I buy these packages.  Just an FYI that there is a product out there for 1/2 the price of most jarred coconut butters :)

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