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Day 1 - Am I on the right track?


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Hi there! I'm not if this is the right place to be posting this but today was my first day and I want to make sure I'm not eating TOO much -- it felt like an awful lot of food.  



1 Hardboiled Egg

1 Honeycrisp apple with almond butter 

coffee (black) 



1/3 lb ground turkey with garlic powder, salt & pepper 

kale sautéed in olive oil (didn't have coconut or ghee) 

1/2 small sweet potato 

1 small avocado sprinkled with lemon



1 aidells chicken apple sausage

1 whole bunch (yes I cant believe I ate the whole bunch) swiss chard - roasted in oven

3 small tomatoes chopped up 

1/2 small sweet potato 

handful of blueberries


I've been drinking alot of water.....this just seems like so much food to me but I think this is what the guidelines are suggesting.  If anyone has any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them - thank you! :) 


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Looking good, but you're not quite eating enough - yup, you need to eat even more! When you have eggs for a meal, it should be as many as you can hold in your hand - so that's at least 3. It may take you a little while to build up to eating that much, so just cook all 3 eggs, and if you can't get through them at breakfast, save them up for later in the morning when you get hungry.


And instead of the apple, have some more vege and fat with breakfast - you've got tonnes of leafy greens later in the day, which is awesome, but make sure you have some at breaky too. Maybe don't have your coffee until after you've eaten, as coffee can be an appetite suppressant. As an example, this morning I had a 4 egg omelette cooked in coconut oil, topped with homemade bbq sauce and half an avocado, with a bunch of steamed asparagus on the side. Plus two cups of chai tea with coconut cream. And now I don't need to think about food again until around 1pm.

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Do you have the meal template?  A serving of eggs is as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand -- probably 3-4.  You need vegetables at every meal, even breakfast. It will probably seem like a lot of food, but it's okay, really. The goal of Whole30 is not restriction, but nourishing your body with plenty of healthy foods so that you get all the nutrients you need.

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Getting away from eggs at breakfast helped me tremendously.  Even after completing a W30 and carrying on with paleo eating since, I remain completely repulsed by the thought of eating more than 2 eggs at a time (3 would be my "handful" serving).  Example, this morning I ate compliant smoked turkey, a large serving of collard greens leftover from dinner the other night and a large open handful of olives. I rarely get the ravenous hunger in the lead up to lunch which I used to experience all the time.


Good luck and keep eating (a lot).

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