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Day 19 ended well.  Our friends had us over to dinner and cooked a paleo meal (a paleo and Whole30 meal).  There were some cookies and there was some bread, but other than that, the moose stew and the cabbage stir fry was clean eating - and tasty.  


I've still got a bit of a cough, but things are less asthma like and, unless I get hit by another virus, I should be in better shape in a few days.  Crossing my fingers!!!


Breakfast: Pumpkin eggs

Lunch: Herring, sweet potato

Dinner: Moose stew with carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, cabbage and carrot stir fry


Energy wise - I didn't feel exceptional in any way, but I did get everything done that I'd hoped for which included art with kids, some household junk, starting a new project, and prepping some for Halloween.   Tomorrow is Monday and I generally love Mondays.  I love sitting down at the table early in the morning with my coffee to write up a ToDo list and then just getting stuff done.  There are a number of things I need to get done so I'm hoping that decent sleep happens tonight and tomorrow I'm ready to go.

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Day 20

I'm like a horrible broken record with a scratch that keeps taking you back to one obnoxious line:  My sleep last night was horrible.

Groaning!  I'd been so hopeful and it was all dashed.  Stupid annoying asthma and coughing.  The inhalers chill it out, but not enough to sleep.  I can only guess that I ate something that triggered it.  Food has always been one of the main triggers and even though I'm complaining, I'm at least eating.   Before Whole30, I'd have to stop eating for several days.  I always wonder what will happen if I'm ever stuck in the hospital.  I hope my family will cook the cleanest foods and bring them into me three times a day.  :) (I actually hope I'm never in the hospital, but just in case...I need a plan to avoid the foods that will trigger these buggy reactions)


As for what food it was - I don't know.  Doesn't really matter.  My system is being reactive and it takes time to get it chilled out.


Breakfast: pumpkin chia seed coconut custard

Lunch: Bison, spinach, mushroom stir fry

Dinner: Ground turkey, broccoli, onion stir fry and roasted carrots with dates


When I woke up this morning, I was really crabby.  I was tired and super bummed that I wasn't waking refreshed for a Monday.  I'd had such big plans.  However, even with the low energy and the grumpy attitude, I managed to get a good amount done.  I now have new high hopes for tomorrow though so far it's not looking so hot for sleep.  But we'll see.

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Day 21 Completed!!

I slept last night for a good six hours.  The sleep I am having is great restful sleep.  I just could use a few more hours of it, but that will happen eventually.  I can't believe what a bugger this post cold reaction has been.


I'm amazed again that I'm not feeling very rested, but I'm still managing to tackle a decent number of things.  I feel like I'm just plugging along, and though it's not full of energy and zeal, it's still steady and productive.


Breakfast: Couple eggs with spinach, apple

Lunch: Leftover turkey, broccoli, onion stir fry and candied carrots

Dinner: Clean hot dog, kimchi, and spinach, apple


Bloated stomach tonight.  I wonder if the kimchi is a bit hard on my system these days.  The other week when I was eating good portions of kimchi with my meals, I was having some digestive issues.  We just got some more of our favorite stuff and if I have any for breakfast, I think I'll try to have a more moderate amount.


I am amazed at my lack of snacking!  There's that crazy long stretch between lunch and dinner that often screams for cabinet searches for something.  I haven't been doing that.  Probably my current schedule has me busier right in the middle part of the day and then I'm busy prepping for dinner.  


I also love that I feel hungry right now.  I'm not hungry, but I feel hungry.  I love feeling the rumblings of my gut!  When I'm eating SAD foods, I just eat and want more and don't experience that hunger feeling.  This is a welcome change. 


And now I'm off to read a bit and hopefully to sleep.  One of these nights....

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Hi!  Welcome back.  I'm so sorry you're sick.  It sounds like a doozy.  Are the kids well?  Hopefully, the ACV tea will help.  You're almost done with another W30. That's awesome!  Hopefully, you'll stick around after? :D  I hope you got a good night sleep.

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Hey pjena!  Great to see you!!


Funny that you say I'm almost to the end of a Whole30.  I guess technically I am, but I still live in fear of not completing it so the end seems very far away.  I did disappear there from the forum for quite a while.  It was good to be free of it, but obviously I'm not quite ready to go it on my own without the daily reflections and supports.


Day 22 Completed

I slept last night some really good sleep from midnight till 2:30 and then the dog woke me up.  The dog!  He needed to go out.  It was probably good that I got up because I spent the next hour coughing and hacking and clearing out my lungs which then allowed me to sleep from 3:30 to 6:30 when my son woke me up.  So, adding up the hours, it's not a lot, but it was good sleep and both of the wake ups happened near the end of sleep cycles thankfully.   We will see how tonight goes.


Breakfast: Two eggs and spinach

Lunch: Leftover turkey broccoli stir fry and candied carrots

Snack: Apple and a sweet potato

Dinner: Chicken and onions


The snack wasn't a mini meal, but it was a smart meal!  I went to a couple Halloween parties today at the school and was surrounded by lots of stuff.  It was really good to have the apple to munch on and then the sweet potato to kind of fill me up a bit.  I didn't really feel tempted till the end of the parties.  There were the leftover cookies and rice krispie treats and somehow those leftovers seem like they should be immune to all issues.  But they're not.


I was super run down from all the noise and chaos of the schools which surprised me.  I found I really really really was missing my normal quiet hour at home with my kiddos doing homework.  My son was also run down by all the noise and lack of focus.  When we did get home, we went straight to work and tried to regroup.  He bounced back to life after an hour, but I found myself super super super tired just as I was leaving in the evening to work.  It was rough there for a bit.


The need to meditate haunts me - just like the need to start a Whole30 haunted me.  So does kicking my dependence on coffee.  But all things in their own time.  First, I just need to keep plugging along, figuring out meals, and working on getting better enough to sleep.


I am SO thankful I am doing this again and so thankful that it doesn't seem really "out there" anymore.  

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You can do it.  I went down in flames on I think day 29 of my last W30!  Do better than I did!  Now, I'm focusing on just calmly making small changes and focusing on sugar.  It mostly is working for me.  Not working on perfection, but focusing on calm eating and taking the roller coaster out of it. 


Good job with all of the parties! 


Focus on finishing this W30, sleep and getting better.  Then, you can decide what's next (meditation or coffee or whatever).  It'll come.

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Day 23.

I'm so tired!  I just yawned.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll fall asleep before midnight.  I have three hours!  My energy today wasn't anything exceptional and I felt like I really relied on my coffee, but I did manage to get some good things done and I was pleasant and kept doing things into the evening.  I still have a cough, but I did sleep last night from midnight to 6:21.  I woke up at 6:21 all on my own (no kids or dog standing in front of me) and felt ready to get up.


Breakfast: Spinach and onion frittata, wild blueberry and coconut milk smoothie

Lunch: Lamb and celery stir fry, apple

Dinner: Roasted sweet potatoes and carrots, chicken breast, more wild blueberries with coconut milk


My daughter has a UTI and I'm trying to avoid the doctor bill and the antibiotics.  Getting more water in a kid is tough, but she's drinking more, taking cranberry pills, and drinking these great tart wild blueberry smoothies.  Her clothes and face are stained purple, but it's kind of fun to see.  So far things haven't gotten worse, but they're certainly not better.  Of course, we are coming up on a weekend when only the ER is available!  I hope the home treatments work.


And of course what do I start doing now?  Coughing.  What is it about night time!!!  


Off to read and hopefully to sleep.  Tomorrow is a very full day.

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Day 24

I did sleep!  I also took the dog out at 12:45 in the morning, but I think I slept from 11-12, 12-12:45, and then 1-6:45.  Not so bad.   Not so hot, but not so bad.  What I really appreciate is that when I do wake up, I'm able to go back to sleep which I can't always do when I'm eating junk.


Breakfast: Eggs and spinach, wild blueberries with coconut milk

Lunch: Roasted carrots and sweet potatoes

Dinner: Bison pumpkin chili with onions and mushrooms


Notice the missing protein at lunch?  Yeah, I missed it.  It was such a busy day and I popped leftovers in the microwave and ate them and didn't even notice that they didn't include the protein.  I was super duper tired in the afternoon.  So were the kids.  So were many kids today I think.  There was also all the stuff to do like bake pies for post trick-or-treating and clean up and do homework so the afternoon was a bit ugly, but our evening was GREAT!


It was super freezing cold out, but we were out there with a group of little kids and it was fun.  The kids had the spirit of Halloween and were out there looking for houses that might have candy and hollering big Happy Halloweens.  Their cheeks were bright red and they were tired out - it was perfect.  At home, they had a slice of paleo pumpkin pie and sorted their candy.  They each kept 20 pieces and put the rest in a bag to give away.  


I REALLY REALLY wanted one of the snickers bars.  I did and I didn't.  I did because they're so small and perfect and I know I like them, but the actual craving wasn't really there.  It's kinda like wanting a cigarette, but recognizing that the real draw of it is no longer in my body.  Am I THAT addicted to the foods I eat?  I am.  It's why I can maintain the healthy stuff just as long as I don't dabble too much into the unhealthy things.


I need to be up early and ready to be brain sharp.  I'm not as prepared for tomorrow as I'd like to be so that means I need to wake up early and be ready to start thinking and doing.  I also need to prep my foods better since it's hard to eat at work.  


All in all, a good day.  Too bad there isn't a rest day between this fun month of October and the next busy month of November!

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Day 25 and I'm heading to bed soon.

Last night was an absolute joke.  I coughed and coughed and the inhalers didn't make a dent and the dog wanted to go out twice.  I must have logged only four hours or so.  So frustrating.

I know from past experiences that foods are triggers for the cough and I did eat late last night so today I planned to eat nothing after three.  Well, that didn't go so well, but I did have dinner at five and that's a bit earlier than normal.  Hopefully, that still gives me enough time to not react to the foods at night.  Other than that - I don't know.  My guess is that there is some tiny little bugger infection going on somewhere and that's just aggravating my overreactive system.  In the past, long standing coughs and asthma were cleared up immediately with antibiotics.  I don't really want to do that route, nor am I that debilitated by this cough.  I have enough room in my life to take things easy, eat well, and not need to be "on".  And, even though is seems like it has been ages (all of October), it's not really anything excessive in the life of a virus and post cough so my lame system is just plodding through.  Ugh - I hate it though and I'm glad to be Whole30ing because it was when I was eating well that I stopped having these kind of extended overreactions to little things like a cold.


Breakfast: Pumpkin, eggs, coconut milk

Lunch: Bratwurst, spinach, sauerkraut

Dinner: Bratwurst, spinach, sauerkraut

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Day 26

I slept last night!  I may have even slept 8 hours, but that might be a bit of a stretch.  Ahhh - it was so nice.  And so nice to wake up in the morning at 5:28 feeling ready to wake up.  Later in the day, however, I was super crazy tired.  It kind of feels like my body got some much needed sleep and now is more centered and so therefore able to tell me it's tired? Who knows, but I was very very tired today and am yawning right now.  I tried to eat earlier in the evening, but life happened and I didn't eat till 5:30 and then I forgot and took a few bites of leftovers as I was putting them away just now.  It doesn't sound like much, but those little bits of food can trigger the coughing.  Hopefully it doesn't.  I've got some tightness at the moment, but if it can clear through by 10, then I'm good to go! (At least I hope so)


Breakfast: pumpkin egg frittata 

Lunch: pork loin, spinach, seaweed

Dinner: pork loin, onions, spaghetti squash


That's it for now.

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I'm glad you finally got some sleep!  I'm waking up at 430am now.  I hate DST!  I'm usually more tired two days after a bad night than that day.  There might be something to being too tired to realize you're tired.  4 days to go!  You can do it!

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Daylight Savings Time is rather funny.  I have friends who were thrilled for the extra hour, but I really don't get it.  My kids wake up at their old time which is now ridiculously early and I still go to bed at the same time on the clock.  Ah well.


Day 27 Completed!

I say this with an exclamation point, but I really haven't been counting the days.  Each night when I come to post, I have to look at my last post to see where I was.  This has been the easiest Whole30 ever - easy because I really just don't want the junk food and haven't had the desires to snack.  My entire system is just rather muted and would quickly rebel if I were to eat other foods.  Of course, I did see some chocolates in a bowl at work tonight and wanted to grab one (cuz they're there and they're free and I can!), but I didn't.  Instead, I realized I was probably a bit hungry and kept walking.


This weekend I know my family wants to go out to eat.  My family has been amazing and has gone along with this Whole30 thing without complaints.  The only differences are my kids have sandwiches for lunch and my husband has beer or wine (and some Halloween candy).  It's been good for all of us.  When my family wants to go out to eat at the end of my Whole30, I need to go to and I need to plan ahead what I will eat and I need to make sure the beautiful rich salty flavors don't suck me right in.  In many ways, I'd be a-okay continuing on in this vein, but I think it will come to an end.  If it does, I hope to maintain the super clean eating for the majority of the time. 


Breakfast: eggs, kale, onions, mushrooms and a wild blueberry drink

Lunch: pumpkin, eggs, coconut milk, lamb

Dinner: Lamb chop, roasted carrots and beets


I ate at 5:00 which I think was a little too late.  Almost immediately after eating I got the cough and felt the raspiness in my chest.  Rolling my eyes at how lame it all is.  Kicking myself, I wish I'd eaten dinner at four, but maybe I'll be able to fall asleep by 10.  It's amazing how long it takes to clear through.  I did sleep last night!  I fell asleep about 10 and woke up at 11:45 coughing.  I took the dog out and then, after coughing some more and applying more Vicks to my chest and using the inhaler, I fell asleep till 5:38.  Not too bad! 


I felt SO much better today and there were times in the afternoon where I was aware that my head just felt cleaner and clearer - kind of like swimming in clean water.  It was nice.  I also got a lot done that I'd been putting off and set up a plan of attack for getting more stuff done.  It's those kinds of things that let me know I'm feeling better even if I'm not aware of it.


There is nothing thawing in the fridge right now so tomorrow morning I will need to do some quick planning and prepping so things don't fall apart.  It's rough not being able to fall back on pb&j sandwiches! :)


On to a new day.


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That's crazy that it takes so long after eating to stop coughing.  That must be so annoying.  Is it getting any better?  It kind of doesn't sound like it.  Have you been to the dr? 


Good luck eating out this weekend.  It's a work in progress, for sure, but I'm doing pretty well just eating what I eat most of the time and not worrying about it if we go out.  I like that.  It's nice to just not think about it so much.  I hope you get to that calm place, too.

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pjena - It IS crazy, but this was my life until I first did Whole30.  Minor colds triggered horrid coughs and the only way I could get through it was to stop eating everything but plain cooked meat for a few days.  I did have a doctor at one point last year and we nixed a bad cough immediately with antibiotics, but I'd like to save antibiotics for sometime when I'm really really sick or really really busy.  If I did go in to the hospital (which is our only medical provider in the region) it would be over 500 dollars and at least 300 of that would not be covered by insurance because it is a facility fee AND my guess is that they'd say to do what I'm doing.  If I lived in some hip big city, I'd probably explore alternative methods and stuff - I think keeping my body in balance is definitely an art that I haven't quite figured out!


Day 28!

Last night I slept nice full sleep cycles, but I was up EVERY dang time in between them.  It was annoying.  I used the inhaler, coughed a bunch, and then fell back asleep.  When morning hit, I was woken up by my kid and not ready to get up.  It was certainly not as nice as the previous morning.  However, I did sleep in 90 minute chunks and that counts for something AND I was able to go right back to sleep.  That counts for a lot.


I ate a super early dinner at 3:00 and I'm not gonna eat anything else before bed.  It's tricky making food for others and not feeding myself, but it will pay off.


Breakfast: Eggs, kale, onions, mushrooms

Lunch: Seaweed, bananas, egg

Dinner at 3:00: Herring, roasted carrots and beets, raisins


The flu has hit town and a bunch of kids were sent home today with fevers from school.  Ugh.  I had a flu shot.  I hope my immune system takes full advantage of that and is quick to attack any virus that comes my way!


Overall, a good day.  Some stress and yet things all went smoothly and much got done.  On to tomorrow.

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Day 29

Whoa.  Day 30 is tomorrow?!  That makes me feel a bit giddy and giggly.  Wow.  I do know how to count, but I've been so focused on the day to day that I didn't realize I am already pretty much there!

Except that I'm not.  I'm still coughing some and I'm still blubber wheel around the middle and I have yet to begin exercising, BUT...


My body needed this.  And I might be slow to get going, but once I do get going, I'm going to be so much steadier and faster than I was.  I hope hope hope that I can continue to maintain this as much as possible.  At home it's not a problem.  I've learned my lesson from this summer's foray into breads and dairies and then everything else under the sun.  It's the eating out and the sneaking in of addiction eating.


So today...

Breakfast: Eggs, kale, mushrooms

Lunch: Lamb chops with sauerkraut, roasted carrots and beets

Super early dinner: More of what I had for lunch


I'm still using the inhaler, but the coughing I've had during the day hasn't been as spasmodic or as intense.  I've been able to go outside into the freezing temps and not have a big old attack coming back in.  Whatever ailments have been going on in my body are making their departure slowly but steadily.  I have not desire to tax out my body with bad food and be ill prepared for the next local virus!


Sleep last night was disappointing, but not the worst.  I woke after each sleep cycle again, until the morning one where I slept two in a row and was woken by my son standing in front of me ten minutes before I would have probably woken up.  I did have a big old asthma attack after the first sleep cycle at 11:00 and that was really frustrating.  I have no idea why!!  Eh.  I'll keep plodding along.


Today, what I DID have, was some positive thoughts.  I went out walking in the ten degree morning air to run some errands and I loved it and I found myself thinking about how October is behind me and November is ahead.  October I was sick the entire dang month, but November holds new hope and maybe exercising and maybe getting back on top of things.


I know I've lost weight and I feel SO much more in control than I did a month ago.  I feel a zillion times better mentally.  


So, onto tomorrow and hopefully a good night's rest to set the tone for a really good day.

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Oh, pjena, they are huge reminders!  I want to be a healthy person and I want to be a healthy older person.  


Day 30 - Completed


Breakfast: Eggs and spinach

Lunch: Chicken and kale

Dinner: Chicken, sweet potatoes, and kale


I discovered that our local store is selling two kinds of Tessamae's sauces.  One is Whole30 compliant and it went on my chicken and was delicious.


I ate dinner at the normal dinner hour.  We'll see how it goes tonight.  Last night?  Ahhhhhh.  Fabulous.  Ish.  I woke up around 11 to cough and use the inhaler and then I went back to sleep till 5:30 when one of my delightful children WOKE up and began talking.  But those hours in between and my wake up was nice.  It felt good to wake up and be in the bed and to feel rested in the moment and to feel relaxed.  It was good.  I hope for the same tonight, but I'm going to lower my expectations so I'm not disappointed. :)


My poor system is feeling a little bloated at the moment.  It could be the amount of kale or the sweet potatoes for dinner.  I don't really know.  I did take a digestive enzyme this morning after breakfast because I had stomach cramps.  All in all, a decent day.  I worked on an art project with the kids, visited with others, kept the house looking decent and completely ignored my work.  :)  


There is a lot coming up in our lives in another week or so, so I really need to start getting things done.  I was hoping for some Tiger Blood one of these days to come zooming in, but I imagine my energy levels are going to increase at a slower pace than that.  I do really think that I need to knock off the coffee addiction or at least lessen the amount I consume.  It's something to consider, but not happening tomorrow.


Tomorrow, Day 31, I may try to begin doing some basic simple pilates at home for 20 minutes - nothing much, but enough to let my body know that I haven't forgotten about it.  My overall body and mind is feeling better and cleaner and more hopeful - now I need to start doing my part to get my body stronger.  I may also start meditating.  But notice, I'm not quite committing - just saying I may.  That's a good start in itself - means I'm standing on the edge of the pool considering the inevitable jump on in.

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:) I did do it.

But let me tell you that I had a huge CRAVING today!  I went into a local restaurant pick something up for someone and saw that they were serving soft serve sundaes with CARAMEL.  Oh my.  It looked so good and my thought was, "Maybe I can have one of those tomorrow if we go out to eat."  UGH!  Really.  This is how fast I fall!


I'm now home and roasting some beets and cauliflower and plan to have plenty of foods around me to help negate these cravings.  I'm trying to tell myself that my life will still be good and meaningful and full without five minutes of caramel sundae, but it's not easy.  Sugar and salts have a seductive power.


I agree that I should stick to what I'm doing.  If we do go out to eat tomorrow night, I plan to get a rice based dish and to set aside half of it.  I also plan to have ice tea or water and no beer.  And then back at home, I'll continue to eat clean, though I do plan to try out some paleo baked goods in preparation for Thanksgiving.  Those shouldn't impact me negatively though.


I still have hours left till bedtime, but I came on to reflect on my cravings in an attempt to take away their power. :)

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Day 31 and I'm noticing some not so stellar behaviors!


On a good note, I did just meditate.  It was only seven minutes and I was all over the place with my mind, but it was still seven whole minutes and it was a start.  I'm going to keep it up as my daily goal.


On a not so good note, before meditating, and well after dinnertime, I decided to try my hand at making a Peanut Butter Lara Bar with dates, almonds, and salt.  Easy!  And totally tasty!  So I ate more than just a nibble and more than just a sample.  Not good.  Why???  I knew I wasn't hungry.  I was curious about making them.  I was also a little stressed because I wanted to meditate and had been putting it off.


Decision fatigue - I'm chalking it up to that.  If I am going to do something (like meditate or exercise), I am so much better off doing it in the morning when my resolve and commitment is higher.  Otherwise I put it off and fret and stew and do all these weird self-sabotaging behaviors.  


I wonder if it's also because I'm feeling better.  I slept decently last night and I'm not coughing as much.  My appetite is back and now I'm having to deal with that.  I did eat a lot of dinner and I was aware I felt stuffed.  I also felt bloated.  


Obviously I still have much to learn, much to practice, and much need to keep my attention on this long process of changing how I eat.


Breakfast: Eggs and spinach

Lunch: Chicken and kale

Dinner: Shrimp and spaghetti squash with an arugula pesto, cauliflower and beets.  (I pretty much ate the entire cauliflower)

After dinner: almonds and dates


Maybe my breakfast and lunch weren't really big enough.  The food was cooked in coconut oil, but the veggies were pretty green.  I might have done a lot better in the evening if I'd had some of those cauliflower and beets with lunch instead of dinner.


Much to learn.

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I dreamed of eating a croissant while planning to sneak down to the bakery to buy a rice krispie treat and take it back to my living room to eat it in secret.  I even peeked up on the counter to see if there were some left and was disappointed that there were only a few and they were rather small.  I was with people so I had to come back once I'd ditched them.


What a dang dream!  It's so true to how I was doing things this summer except that I never had those two items.

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I made it.

Walking to the restaurant tonight I felt like I was a prisoner walking down the gangplank.  Funny that it would be so miserable to go out! I was worried that I'd lose control I guess.  The caramel ice cream I so desperately coveted the other day has haunted me!!  Thankfully, I knew what I'd order ahead of time and I grabbed a to-go box right away and put half in the box so that my portion would be appropriate.  I ordered a Korean dish called Bul Go Gi Bi Bim Bop which is a mixture of beef, egg, seaweed, crab meat, pickled something, over a bed of white sesame oiled rice.  There are certainly sugars in some of the ingredients and soy, but overall, I think it's decent meal.  There's not enough sugar to hook me in and I don't know of any obvious sensitivities to soy or rice.  I tried to eat slowly and afterwards I realized I didn't have any desire for ice cream at all.  Phew!

Back at home I said, "I'm still hungry" and I was - not hungry in my gut, but wanting something sweet (haha) so I had an apple and that felt fine.


No more eating out till the relatives visit so I should be back on track for Whole30 type eating at home.  Officially I did a Whole31.  Tomorrow I will begin anew again, but this time I'm in much much better shape.

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Well, I'm still Day 0.  I ate my leftovers today for lunch.  I didn't even think about it.  I did think about how it felt in my system and if it made me want to eat more junk.  What I noticed was that afterwards, I felt un-full or un-satiated or un-something.  I took a couple small lamb chops out of the fridge and the remaining arugula pesto spaghetti squash and ate those and then felt very full.  Overall, I suppose my lunch was a bit big as a result, but nothing too extreme and I had no need or desire to snack throughout the afternoon.


Last night I fell asleep well, but woke up at 1:00.  All the iced tea at dinner left me needing to use the bathroom AND the dog needed to go out.  I coughed a bit, used the inhaler, read a bit and was back to sleep by 2:00.


Breakfast: Eggs and pumpkin

Lunch: BulgoGiBiBimBop, spaghetti squash, almonds, arugula, lamb chops

Dinner: Ground beef, yellow peppers, mushrooms, spinach


My daughter has an ugly loose cough and runny nose beginning today.  Dang.  We will see what happens with that.  For now, it's Whole30 Day One tomorrow.

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