Day 3, Done!


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Day 3 is done! I felt pretty meh all day, but managed a 20 minute walk (and felt good!). I didn't feel too hungry all day, but a few hours after dinner I feel a little week and am quite hungry.

On the plus side, my tummy seems to have shrunk...should I take my measurements again? Since day one, I have never felt tired after eating (like I usually do) and whatever I've eaten doesn't make my stomach just settles in. It's a nice feeling, just fueling my body and not having my body make a big deal of what I just ate. (^ ^)

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Don't measure again. Measuring and weighing makes you nuts and inspires you to eat wrong.

If you are weak and hungry a few hours after dinner, you probably did not eat enough during the day. Many people fail to eat enough when new to the Whole30. Eat more with a special focus on protein and fat.

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