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Mama's Got A Brand New Bag


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August 20, 2012 is the first day of my first Whole 30!

My baby is 6 months old on the 25th. We stayed fairly active throughout pregnancy, overall maintained healthy eating habits but with WAY more treats than usual. And definitely not Paleo! Carbohydrates single handedly got me through the first and third trimesters.

Generally we are health conscious folks - me more than my partner, which he would readily admit. However, the excitement of summer and everyday life have truly impacted our consumption.

With massive sleep deprivation, lower physical activity, known food sensitivities, some mood irregularity for me, and about 4 6 month olds (that's 60 lbs in our house) of extra weight between the two of us, we decided this is the perfect time to take on a new, healthier eating style.

We are brand-new to Paleo, but excited having read ISWF on our drive back from the east coast at the beginning of this month.

Accountability is critical for me, so I intend to log daily at least. Given my postpartum mood difficulties I will also be tracking my sleep, mood and more as related to improving my mental health position. Feel free to chime in at any time!

As we start, I anticipate our main challenges to be:

1. Sleep!

2. Organization - meal planning, preparation. While I am still on maternity leave, and can commit time to both of our nutritional requirements, caring for a newborn is a real time sucker some days!

3. Social events - we are supported, but also easily tempted by the wrong kinds of foods.

4. Beer. No really. We have a beer cellar. Enough said.

5. The scale. I have struggled with ED to varying degrees since I was a teen. It will be very difficult to stay off the scale but I genuinely want to try. It has always been a more positive experience for me if I am successful in that.

On our side:

1. Commitment to getting healthy together, and for our baby. She is starting to eat solid foods and is SO interested in what we are eating. I want that to be ideal, and I also want to shed unhealthy attitudes so I do not negatively impact my daughter as a child, and later in life.

2. Support - we have informed our family members and friends we spend the most time with that we are starting this journey. They may think we're a bit crazy, but are definitely supportive. And we do not want to be humiliated...

3. Past successes - we have both (independently) engaged in both short- and long-term nutrition and exercise programs historically (including vegan and vegetarian) so have experience in committing to and standing behind strict styles of consumption for health objectives.

Here goes. Looking forward to learning more and getting to know this community as we proceed on our journey. 30 days and beyond...

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Welcome and best wishes on the journey you are undertaking here! Post often, ask questions, read other logs and make friends - it's amazing what a difference that can make!

I hear what you're saying about the scales - weighing in regularly can be a tough habit to break. It feels odd to me, because in the past when I avoided the scales it usually meant I was in denial about my eating. Just try not to focus on weight loss as a benefit of this way of eating; the other benefits vastly outweigh what I try to think of as a happy side-effect. Enjoy the journey you're on, experience it day by day and don't focus on the outcome.

This is what I try to do. I'm not always successful, but it has helped me through some temptations along the way.

And as for that beer cellar... I'd lock the cellar door and hide the key for now! :lol:

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Thanks for the lovely welcomes and advice! Good thinking on alternatives for the cellar...

Day 1 went well. Of course, it is day 1.

Is it normal to eat pork for every meal? Hmm...

Bacon (the one kind I found with no added sugar!) and tomatoes for brekkie. A small cup of coffee, black.

Handful of almonds before the mid-day constitutional with my babe and puppers.

Leftover sausages and grilled veggies for lunch.

"Tastes" of baked pears made for ma bebee - of course nothing added there other than some olive oil.

Pork tenderloin, peppers and asparagus

Watermelon to close off the evening meal

I felt really good and didn't feel any "pain" associated with the change - other than the added hassle of cooking breakfast as opposed to just grabbing a piece of toast.

So far today: I did have a difficult time waking, resulting from multiple wake-ups overnight including an extended one around 5:30.

Woke up hungry, had some bacon and tomatoes, then joined Blueberry for her morning nap. When we awoke from that I was feeling lightheaded - nursing hunger is something else! - so I grabbed some pork and a peach from the fridge and ate while I fed her. Will get the veggies from the fridge now to complete that haphazard meal.

I definitely have work to do in terms of "mindfulness" of eating. The meals I eat alone are typically on the run or at best at the coffee table so the baby can play around on the floor.

Some things to think about for sure. We will be out for the afternoon, including picking up this evening's meal - steak and vegetables on the grill. Am also seeking some of the more interesting ingredients for future meals when we (may) get tired of simple meat and veg three times daily.

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Is it normal to eat pork for every meal? Hmm...

Just ask Derval... ;)

Since you're nursing the baby, I'd make certain I was eating plenty of food, and keep it well balanced with a mixture of veggies and proteins - your breakfast looked rather light by my standards, I usually have at least a couple of eggs and some fruit or veggies (and I've lost weight over the last 30 days...) Don't be too concerned over scales right now because baby's health is much more important than mother's weight.

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Yep. I officially have a meal planning problem. Without leftovers in the fridge for today's lunch I ended up with an extremely ragtag "meal" of a mini can of tuna and carrot sticks, followed by watermelon and a peach and another can of tuna when I got my head on straight a couple of hours later.

This is likely not what success tastes like.

Tonight we have a sushi date with my extended family. I feel fairly cool and collected - I know the menu well enough to know what I can have. My one and only has clearly stated already he will not be abstaining from the things he desires. His choice. I will make mine. Hopefully without actually turning green from envy.

Last night we had steak, peppers and sweet potato for dinner. SO told me on the way home he was feeling very hungry - apparently this is a largely unfamiliar feeling to him! - so the sweet potato and red meat definitely had the right amount of staying power. We did have a bit of watermelon late at night as well... After a walk with the baby and dog.

Thank you for the feedback! Breakfast poses a particular challenge for me as I am allergic to egg whites. But one of these days surely I will get up earlier and be able to put together some yolk only deliciousness. Or something else if I manage to dig up a great idea.

Today I again had bacon and tomatoes, but added a peach. Given the later fruit I think this is more than ideal at this stage, so I will be watching for any "reactions" to that.

I am definitely aware of the need to keep my calories up with the nursing. That, along with the actual nursing and overall care for the child are exactly why I need some vast improvements to meal prep. I got some chicken and avocado to make for the babe when we get home tonight, will prepare a chicken breast and chop some veggies for myself tomorrow as well.

Will also spend the time before she wakes up from her nap - assuming there is some! - scouring the boards here for some hot tips on eating on the go.

Still feeling really good, not hungry, need to stay focused on eating plenty and getting prepared with on course food items.

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