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Still feeling bloated after meal


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Hi, I need some helps here...Today is my 34th or 35th days of whole 30. I still feeling bloated after each meal and also tired. I feel bloated even I have fruit for my tea break. I have this problem many years ago and almost feel bloated for anything I eat.


I have one PB8 probiotic every morning.

I think I started to take HCL about 3 weeks later. I take Now HCL capsules before meal (but not meal with eggs as my protein) and take one Garden of Life digestive enzyme caplet after meal. I tried 6 capsules of HCL but I still didn't feel the warmth or any disturbance in my stomach. Do I need to increase to 7 capsules or more till I feel the warmth or any disturbance in my stomach?


I have 2 teaspoons of natural calm at night, however sometime I still cannot sleep till very late.


So far the improvement I have are: 

1) My hair is shiny 

2) I had constipation previously and now I can go to toilet once a day or on alternate day.


I'm not sure how to reduce the bloating, any suggestion or advice?











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I just randomly listed down three days meal as my example:


Day A 

Breakfast - 1 sweet potato, 3 eggs, half avocados

Lunch - red curry soup with minced pork and red bell pepper

Dinner - stir fry fish with carrot and eggplant


Day B

Breakfast - stir fry minced pork with zucchini

Lunch -  2 sweet potatoes, one piece breast meat with curry soup and green veg and tomato

Dinner - same as lunch


Day C

Breakfast - stir fry minced pork and few slices of zucchini and few pcs of raw lettuce

Lunch - steamed eggs (3), Japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper

Dinner - stir fry fish and Japanese cucumber


(PS: Fat is either half avocados, or 1 to 2 dessert spoon of coconut butter or 1 dessert spoon virgin coconut oil.)


I usually pre-wash all vegetable and cut into pieces and store in mason jars and take some from the jar for cooking. (Therefore I think I did not take out much and my vegetable intake is quite small amount.)


I realized I feel weak and tired if I did not eat any starchy vegetables such as sweet potato for a period of time


I did not do any exercise and I try to drink more water but sometime tend to forget and drink only when I feel thirsty.

Sleep is not consistent as sometime I can fall asleep after midnight. I have this problem even before whole 30.


I tend to eat fruits in between meals...sometime I can eat 3 different or same type of fruit per day.

I do not drink coffee during this period because I tend to feel bloated after drinking it.

I drink green tea or hot pure cocoa drink without adding anything during this period.








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Your meal composition looks ok, but a little inconsistent--some days you have a lot of starchy vegetables (2 sweet potatoes per meal twice on one day?) some days you have very little starchy vegetable. And then there is fruit. Many people have bloating with fruit and fruit is not recommended to be consumed outside of meals as a snack.


Did you follow the meal template for your "official" 30 days? If not, I would take a few days or a week and try to follow it very specifically. Give yourself a palm-size portion of protein, a thumb-size portion of fat and 2-3 cups of cooked vegetables. Try including a fist-size portion of starch at one or two of your meals each day as part of your veggies. It would be helpful to try eliminating fruit entirely for this trial, but if you don't want to do that, just keep it to one fist-size portion of fruit at one meal. Make sure to drink 1/2 oz of water per lb of body weight during this time as well, and report back on how you do.


here is the meal template: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf

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Sleep can be very sensitive to a variety of factors that are not immediately obvious. I did not realize until I began to work on it that getting up in the morning and having a good breakfast had a lot to do with my falling asleep at night. So basically, we need to prepare for sleep first thing in the morning by eating an early breakfast. Then as you approach the two hours before bed time, it is important to adopt a soothing routine - no exercise, and begin avoiding the blue light of screens - computers, TV, iPad, etc. When I am doing my best, I have a pair of yellow glasses that I wear at night to filter out the blue light. 


I agree with Miss Mary that some people have trouble with fruit and that might be a major factor in your bloating. If that does not work, you may need to work with a qualified health practitioner. You might want to investigate work with one of the Whole9 consultants (poke around the website to find information) or someone local. 

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