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The ingredients that they list look to be alright. However if you are eating a daily diet of 3-6 palms of protein, 3-9 (NINE!) cups of veggies and a whole bunch of good fat and lots of water, you shouldn't really need a multivitamin.  The nutrients that come in whole foods as nature designed them are vastly superior to anything that they can create in a laboratory.  Not only are the "vitamins" in the capsule processed, they are stripped from their natural carriers and thusly not delivered to your body in the quantities and with the other vitamin and mineral accompaniments that they were meant to have.


So yes, you can take them.  But you shouldn't need to.

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Just wanted to update this as I am on Day 28!!! I have not taken any vitamins during this whole month. I feel great and my nails have grown for the first time ever. Usually they grow a little and immediately break. I've noticed a huge improvement in my nails and also general hair growth!

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